The Perfect Day

What would a perfect day in the life of Heather be like, you might ask. Well, my 38th birthday will serve as a great example.

First of all, a rainy day would be preferred. Looks like the heavens are on my side because we wake up to misty rainy dreamy November day.

Also, most importantly, Darin is off work. He takes the girls in the morning and encourages me to sleep as late as I'd like. At 8:30 I roll out of bed and I am greeted in the living room by bright happy smiling faces and Tootie saying "Happy birthday mommy!" I get my coffee, we play and read, and Darin makes us a delicious smoothie for breakfast. I open gifts: new cds by Bonnie Prince Billy and Lucinda Williams, two books and an antique painting of horses running in the surf. Darin watches the girls while I shower, and also, he also cleans the catbox. So far, so good!

It might seem mundane, but children's storytime with the babes is one of my favorite activities. I generally see friends and their cute kids, get to talk to other parents, and the girls have a safe place to run around and have a great time. So on my birthday, storytime is one of my chosen activities. It's especially fun with the dads there as well, so they can learn some of the cute songs and see how much fun our babies have.

Joey's first storytime!

Polly loves all activities where she can put something on her head.

Lucy up front and center, always. She's kind of teacher's pet cause she's so into it, except not really because she's too rambunctious to really be teacher's pet, plus she is way too interested in what all the other kids are doing. It's not fading - full blown extrovert.

Polly really worked on her walking that day. Straight into that teddy bear's loving arms!

And these arms too!

Scout tries to be very patient with her wildling cousins. 
She's more of a lady, the most observant little squirt and loves to try to talk along. She is already saying "mom" and "yeah" among other adorable little snippets.

Back to my perfect day. After the library we check out the thrift store; I get a 70's space-dyed vintage sweater that Darin finds for me, and then we head down to Lotus. There is fog swirling up around Mt. Baker and the river flows through a heavy fertile green land laden with bright autumn leaves. Sprinkling rain turns our hair frizzy, and tree branches shaggy with raindrops, scattering leaves and mistletoe. Puddles and mole-holes for exploring, pebbles and acorns for examining.

We have warm drinks and lunch at the Argonaut. I'm feeling expansive so it's totally okay that Lucy steals all the whipped cream from our hot cocoa.

A walk around Coloma and down to the river's edge just to drink in the refreshing day.

Lucy practices her tree climbing and pretends to be a little squirrel. 

At home I have a crock pot of chili on that's been going since morning. It's almost ready. At the last minute I call a couple friends to come celebrate with us. Rebecca says she'll bring corn bread she is just putting in the oven. Scott and Jorden both bring wine. My mom has made me my favorite: Texas Chocolate Fudge Cake. Pops brings chips and salsa, vanilla ice cream.  Joey and Em come bearing gifts. We have everything we need and our babies stay up late, late, late. I am missing a few loved ones, of course, but I am so perfectly, wondrously happy to be surrounded by this fun and loving group of my beloveds on my special day, with my two sweet babies to help me blow out my many, many candles.

Really, it's the moms we should be celebrating on our birthdays. Scott asks her to tell the story, she tells how I was the only one of her five labors where her water broke. I came quick, she was sick with a terrible cold, and they made her wear a paper mask during and after my birth. My sister was only 13 months old. She was young, confident, happy, strict, protective. She got it done, she did it well; she was on her own a lot, my dad hardly remembers anything about our young days. She remembers it all fondly and vividly.

Oh such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you....


dolly anna said…
OH MY GODDESS, THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT To BE ON BLOGGER. i have to say really quick: you, and your babies, in front of the cottonwoods and mists. OH MY GODDESS.!!! such beauty and love and i see contentment radiating off of your body and your young daughters. polly is walking and lucy is extroverted! and we're enjoying seasonal weather in northern california? my heart is bursting. you are so beautful. you have manifested all of this magic and joy. I LOVE YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3
Rachel Weaver said…
I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. It looks like it was full of all the best things in life.
My dad has a tradition of bringing my mom flowers on all of her children's birthdays to say thank you. When I was little and wanted the day to be all about me, I didn't like it. Now I think it's perfect.
Happy 38th year. Love and happiness to you, Heather.
Jessica said…
Happy Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful start to another adventure and beauty filled year! p.s. you should definitely frame the picture of you and your girls in front of the misty mountain...what a breathtaking photo!
Rachel that tradition is amazing! I love it. I think I will suggest it to a certain someone.
I know dolly, that perfectly seasonal weather was absolutely the icing on my cake! Love you too and thank you for your wondrous words!
You know I think I will frame it! The moment it was taken I loved it, so thanks for the extra encouragement Jessica!
Milla said…
Oh happy late merry my love! I'm writing this with literal tears in my eyes, because, oh lordy, is it glorious to get to be a part of your day this way. Sending you so much love and hugs, so many happy returns, so much goodness. Oh you are growing older gloriously <3
Amy Beatty said…
HEB!! you look stunning!! even matt walked over right as the blog opened and asked who took that pic of heather?? its soo GOOD!. So just magical and the perfect day like one you would like everyday but then it would not be so perfect! glad all the events,rain, daughters and story time, daddy off work lined up perfectly for you!! So sad that I don't go to story time anymore! it was a highlight back in the day and I love that you can go with family!! how lucky I always had a friend or two but I love that those cute cousins get to go together and what the heck POLLY walking??!! unbelievable that little lady!! Love those girls! Love you. YOu are blessed and we are blessed to know you and your joy that you spread! Love you so much!!! xoxo
Geny said…
Looks like a magical wonderful birthday for a wonderful friend! Even though we don't see each other much, I think of you often and always remember our high school days fondly, how lucky I am to call you a friend. Love you!! Happy 38th Year!! May it be the best yet!!
anne said…
oh heather! this really sounds like it was a perfect day! happiest birthday to you :) what joy you bring to the world!
Teeny said…
Oh, I can see that it is cooler there now, you and the little girls all rugged up in tights. Happy Birthday Heather, glad cosy perfection happened for you.x
Happy Birthday!! Glad it was a good one!
Tera said…
Happy Birthday! Yes, since becoming a mommy I have wished mothers a happy birthday on the day their child was born. I get it! Happy Birthday to your mama, she's got a beautiful girl inside and out.

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