under the toadstool

Some Novembery tidbits:

Lucy left gifts of acorns for the tiny gnomes that live under these toadstools.

I could easily live on these Arkansas Black apples and mandarins I bought at my favorite stands down the road a bit.

A certain someone turned ten months on the 5th and is starting to walk! 

We went for a fall drive yesterday up to Camino through pretty country scenes.

and I wore a country mama outfit. 


Lindy said…
Hi Heather! Lindy here, from Wa., happy late birthday Heather! You are simply glowing! Little Polly walking! I adore the last pic country mama! Polly all scrunched up next to you, trying to stand like mama! She is the cutest thing! And Lucy has a heart for mother nature like her mama, she even feeds the gnomes! Look forward to your posts, always! :-)
dolly anna said…
that last picture of you and your gnomette!!!! your 'fit, stars in my eyes! i'm just logging on to blogger to do my own mushroom post, heeheehee, us nature girls. :) what a glorious november it has been, we are so blessed! maybe i'll see you at next friday's cozmic concert? a little dancing? (can't you tell it's nearly the new moon in sag? SWOON!) xoxo
Amy Beatty said…
"SHE STANDS NOW!!!" - bellla
those tree streets!! wowee. such beauty!! that little lady is a doll you look fab also :)

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