Hallowed Highlights

We had a pretty cool Halloween. Prettttty, prettttty good. When I think about life-before-babies (which I basically can't) I'm certain nothing was ever this fun. Nothing was ever this harried either, but definitely not this fun.

We made it to library "Not-so-Spooky Storytime" (a title Lucy loved repeating over and over) only five minutes late, pretty good for us. The place was packed with three feet high goblins of all sorts.

Right away we found the most spectacular bunch in the room: Becky in her unicorn costume, with her sidekicks, the stripey dragon and black spider.

Guess who we ran into at storytime? Grandma Claudia! Mom/grandma to the famed Smith clan, (my sis-in-law Amy's mama) and original baby-lover extraordinaire. She snatched up my little plumpkins for a picture together.

Craft time was pretty sweet. I was busy gabbing, so Lucy just plopped right down and made the cutest jack-o-lantern face with no prompting. She's getting pretty good at drawing! (ps HOW CUTE IS BECKY!)

We sat together outside and the kids each got one treat and floated their little parachute ghosties.

Right before the storm came in, I took a picture of the front of my house because I love how this tree looks in fall and soon ALL the red leaves will be on the ground.

Polly fell asleep in her seat and Toot gently petted her face saying, "Love you so much Chacha Bear."

Lucy and I made chocolate cupcakes. I told her she would be allowed to eat one later "with our friends" so when Darin got home she said, "Daddy friend!" and slyly tried to grab one. She's definitely learning to work it.

This is a pumpkin Lucy painted black and then stuck a glow-in-the-dark face on. Little homegrown pumpkins from our beloved "grandma Vickey."

Despite the rain, we decided to tromp downtown and join the festivities. It was a lot more empty down on Main Street this year, but plenty of action to keep our girls enthralled.

Lucy was Kiki.....

and Polly was Jiji, her little familiar.

Crowds in front of the Bookery, where Lucy spied a Gumby and Pokey duo that rocked her world.

Luckily that lollipop took her an hour to eat and trumped any and all other candy. Polly is still delighted to crinkle the wrappers.

Love the eerie reflective light.

Back at home my chili was all done simmering in the crockpot and guests started to trickle in. We had a nice little spooky gathering with friends. 

Scout and her mama were matching witchies. Joey was "all he ever dreamed to be."

We had such a fun fun day.  Busy every moment. A late night for my tuckered out little pumpkins.

Hallowed indeed.


Jenna Opsahl said…
Every single picture you posted I just went "OH MY GOD." You are all so cute! Lucy and Polly look adorable as Kiki and Jiji!

Jessica said…
So So So cute!! Glad you had a wonderful and happy Halloween even despite the rain! :)
Milla said…
Kiki's delivery service costume awesomeness <3 Good job mom! I love the pictures from the story time and Becky's costume. You guys throw the most fun shindigs!
Rachel Weaver said…
Your girls have it good. Look at all the greatness spilling out of just one single day.
Lindy said…
What a beautiful life! Sorry, I have no pic by my name, Heather, I am "anonymous" from Wa. State, I left a comment on your post about "nighttime rituals" :-) I read every new post, and I have read EVERY old post! I can't tell you how much I enjoy your pictures, your writing, you put me right with you every time :-)It's like a warm hug. Your precious babes, your loving husband, your beautiful hair!! And your kitties! Your little town looks like a story. The Bookery reminds me of the book store in the movie, "You've got Mail", so quaint. Look up Yelm, WA sometime. We are a one road town in the country~ I live there on my little "farm" with my horses, dogs and cat, and myself. (I'm 36 like you!) I just wanted to tell you that your blog brings me to a beautiful place, a witchy, dreamy place. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us all. You truly bring a smile to a soul sister here in Washington :-)

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