grandma's mending

i got the best gift on sunday. my mom came home from a visit to my grandma, cherie welling, in reno, with a giant package of mending she had been working on for me. it was like christmas!

now, i've had clothes for years with weird little rips and tears, buttons missing, old elastic falling apart, and shoulders way too big. and the thing is, grandma cherie is a wiz at sewing and anything housewifey, so i had gradually compiled all these problem items and pinned little notes to them about what was wrong with them.

for example, this dress right below here used to be a "dress-up dress" when i was a little girl. addie and i used to parade around in it with it pooled on the ground around us. but the zipper has been broken all along so even though it fits me now i've never been able to wear it. grandma cherie made my dreams come true!
i wish i had before and after pictures of some of these items. the thing is, so many of these things i hadn't even remembered i owned. maybe i picked it up at a thrift store immediately knowing it needed this seam sewn or the hem repaired, whatever. stuck it in the bag and forgot it.
so it was like getting a whole new wardrobe! she made everything fit like a glove! my grandma is a perfectionist and extremely tidy and careful and clean (wish i could be at least a little more like this...) so the clothes came back freshly washed, ironed and folded. sometimes she would write a little note to me, "very fragile, hand wash only," or "i hope you can wear this" or "this one needs a professional." even though, looking back, my weird little notations probably came across as demanding and bossy, "fix this seam," or "button missing here," or "needs a new zipper," grandma's notes to me were gentle and unassuming. she is such a sweet and amazing lady and boy oh boy can she tell a story and she has the prettiest low spunky laugh that comes flowing out frequently.

anyway so i feel like i just scored big-time and i now have lots of breezy summery skirts to live in this summer and a princess dress and a couple of long cotton white slips to layer under things. heaven.
(sorry for my messy room, i just had to promptly start taking pictures so i could send them to grandma to show her my glee)

and one more thing: she also told my mom that "belts are in" and sent me a whole slew of rad 80s belts!
my mom was like, "how does a 79 year old woman know that belts are in?"  well, she is one savvy lady.

here she is herself, back in the 50s with a dress she made herself, queen of fashion!
(ah, to have this one now...)
and with my mom as a youngen in 1952.
wasn't she the prettiest little 50s mama you ever saw?

and here she is with grandpa and i on my wedding day...see?
she's still pretty, girly, tidy, proper and sweet!

also, just another teeny fact. the dress i wore for my wedding ceremony, not the one i have on above which my own momma sewed for me from a vintage pattern (!) to wear as my "party/reception" dress, but the one i actually got married in (below and here), was my GRANDMA CHERIE'S WEDDING DRESS! it was from the 70s when she married grandpa corry and guess what? they got married on june 30, same day we did! and on top of that, it is his birthday. yeah yeah yeah! the world is full of synchronicity, no doubt about it.
that's why i believe in magic.

thanks grandma.


Teenysparkles said…
This is all so divine.What a lovely lovely gift and isn't your Grandma Cherie breathtaking! Thx for sharing your gleeful news!
Courtney said…
Your grandmother is so lovely! What fun to have so many new dresses, especially with so much love and care invested in them. Your wedding photos are gorgeous - it looks like such a happy, festive day! Congratulations! (though years late, I know)
boots said…
Grandma is the frickin best! can you believe that both our grandmas had such style ! DAMN!
i guess thats why we are such fashionistas right?!?!

i love that wedding dress!!!! youre a beauty.
Amy Beatty said…
Those dresses are amazing. I love that blue!! And your dress-up dress is so perfect on your body. Grandma Cherie is way too cute. She is so sweet. Did she also send a bag of homemade goodies? Grandma, Mother and Daughter, all so lovely.
featherheart said…
love your wedding dress. i'm getting married july 4th in the woods and i'm patiently waiting for my dress to find me!!! i'm envisioning something similar. xoxoxoxo
AdieSpringB said…
Bun, this is too cute. I can't believe how many photos you have already taken of the dresses G. Cherie sent back! As you worst nightmare! Every pic is so pretty tho, and I love how they (and your prancy poses!) evoke a feeling like you are just a giant kid, playing dress-up to this very day! Making imaginary worlds of princesses and forest ladies, wanderers of legend and maidens of fair stories. You are a busy blogging bee, and it's all pretty killer-adorable. I can't wait to come over and RAID YOUR CLOSET! But I'll bet your shootin' fotes right this sec so I'll back off til the coast is clear :)
And isn't Grandma Cherie just the most beautiful of the land? I adore that pic of her with a tan and the sun dress, and then the next one- flipping SNOW Gorgeous WHITE! Geez...well, at least I have good genes, be them visible or not!
See you at the Brick Ov tonight you adorable sis!
Missa said…
Oh, the wedding photo! The two of you look straight out of a fairytale ready to live happily ever after and my goodness you are breathtaking in Grandma Cherie's dress with all those gorgeous flowers in your flowing locks, awww and look at Grandma Cherie sitting back there just beaming with love, so beautiful :D

Sounds like you've got yourself one very special Grandma!

p.s. The dress-up dress is super gorgeous on you :)
anne said…
the wedding dress is so beautiful! can grandma cherie be my grandma too? she seems like a very special lady. the 50s pictures are amazing and all your new/old clothes are perfect! i absolutely love the dress up dress!!! it's so, so gorgeous! i'm feelin' a wee bit jealous here ;D
Violet Folklore said…
This post is too good! So many amazing clothes! I especially love the long blue & white dress. And hell yes belts are always needed! You are so lucky to have such a rad, and crafty, grandma.

I love how your room looks, cozy and booky.

I can't believe how beautiful you look in your/her wedding gown (and hair piece!). Looks like an amazing wedding. What a wonderful story. I heart your family.
Kelsie Lynn said…

just love.
Cel said…
That's so wonderful of your grandmother! Mine actually gifted me a granny square crocheted blanket for my birthday, and a matching pillow at Christmas, hah. Grandmothers are so wonderful.

I have to say, that wedding dress is absolutely beautiful, and you look so happy. I'm glad :)

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