Here's the Haps

Lots of exciting stuff going down around here.

I'm busy busy busy getting ready for the Nevada City Bizarre on sunday where becky and i are sharing a booth.  and you may notice that darin and i make an appearance in this rad promo video sasha made:

Next up:
Emily (you know my future sister-in-law) started her own adorable vintage shop!

so she and i and our dear love-of-a-friend rachel all went crazy thrifting yesterday.
cause rachel has her own shop too!
we're etsyin fools.

next up:
Addie, my sis, wrote the sweetest blog post about kindness, narnia, christmas, and the woodsy life.

and finally,
we are all preparing for the grand event of the winter solstice and full moon next tuesday.
we have plans that include the four elements, songs, mulled wine, animal totems, mistletoe, and tarot.
i am so excited to get all magical with my girls!

looks like holiday festivities are in full swing, how about for you?


Claire said…
I feel like special holiday dust just got sprinkled on my head. *sigh* The Craft Faire sounds amazing and I'm sure you and your girls will have an amazing Winter Solstice. I'm going to check out all the beautiful women's blogs you linked, only just now I have to put my brain to bed.
Courtney said…
These are all really wonderful things! I just paid a visit to Addie's blog and was immediately charmed by her photos and writing. Best wishes for a happy booth and solstice/moon celebration!
Milla said…
I'm still a bit starstruck that you even know these style goddesses, and I so so wish I could be there for the Bizarre to see all of my fave girls in action. Thank goodness for the topsy-turvy world of internets, right?

Good on Emily for putting her (obviously) excellent taste to good use. I loo forward to more pretty stuff at her shoppe.

Don't forget about the lunar eclipse on Monday, too. The planets are lining up and I'm going to light a candle and send you guys a bit of my witchy magiks through the air and down mountain ranges.

Lots of love, love.
Cel said…
I have to admit I'm not doing anything at all for the holidays. I guess I've kinda plunged into a bit of a black hole and I'm trying to get myself out. I went thrifting with a friend of mine yesterday too, and I picked up the most gorgeous vintage night gown! I have a feeling I'm going to find a way to sneak that into my daily wardrobe somehow because it's just so fantastic. I wish I could go to that Nevada City Bizarre, it looks like it'll be amazing.
AlphaBetsy said…
Your posts are always so beautiful to look at!! I sincerely wish I could join you at the Winter Bizarre... wow it looks amazing.

Have a Blessed Yule!!
Man, I just might hitchhike up to your lily pad on Tuesday !
Celia said…
Thank you for your comment on my blog......and I can't believe you know 2 Celia' 3!! I had not ever heard that song by Sinead O'connor.....but it is beautiful and I downloaded it....Thanks for the recommendation! Happy Holidays! It sounds like you have fun stuff usual!
Amy Beatty said…
What are you selling? Are you making crafts or is it your store? It's about time Em started her own. I love all you girlies SOOOOOOOOO much I burst xoxo
Missa said…
Oh why, oh why, can't Nevada City be just a weeeeeee bit closer? :(
Kelsie Lynn said…
beautiful beautiful beautiful :) Am now going to go have a looksie at all these lovely etsy shops.

You looked great in the first picture! That coat looks like something I'll be needing in a couple weeks. Snow! gah!
Teenysparkles said…
I had a look at the shops, they are all so pretty. Have lots of fun at the Bazaar....and throw a thought in the air for me at your solstice celebration. I love winter solstice.
Nicky said…
hahah- love the "etsyin' fools" :D

That little blue dress with the collar is SO cute! And mulled wine sounds dreamy right now!

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