you fill up my a night in the a sleepy blue ocean

can you believe we are back already?!!
geez, i wasn't kidding when i said things have been a whirlwind.
heads up: this is going to be a monstrously long post because i am writing it the night i am home, full of the swirling love and exuberance of our trip together and kinda not ready for it to be over.
picnic at salt point.
our coastal getaway could not have been more perfect and lovely....thanks in part to good old CALIFORNIA which has a fine blend of perfect weather, cool and unusual and exciting history, and beautiful landscapes, and thanks in full to the most amazing place we stayed:
and our perfect rustic little cabin, complete with woodstove and loft bed, mmmmmmm.

day one i wore what i call my "anniversary dress," the lovely vintage dress pattern my momma sewed for me as my wedding reception-dress of white cotton eyelet. i loved it that day, and i love it still and i trust i will wear it every year!
3 happy years is cause for celebration indeed (i soooo agree, anne!)
darin's dream come true: wooden cabin, soy nuts, a good book about Billy the Kid....
(and a perfect beanie from sara....)
other amazing things about Jughandle Creek Farm include:
plants everywhere:
bookshelves and books everywhere (there's a nature book lending library inside the main farmhouse)

access to an organic garden from which you can pluck anything for your supper!
(by the way my scarf is from milla)

green fields, paths through wildflowers, old apple orchards, and a big spacious meadow campground area for taking long walks:
lovely trails to the ecological preserve and beach:
(blouse from the forestlass)

and oh!
that beach!
i wore a vintage bathing suit that came from grandma cherie a long time ago.
till the wind picked up and darin lent me his sweater. and it was STILL heaven.

also, Jughandle is located precisely in between Fort Bragg and Mendocino, two perfectly charming coastal towns.

Fort Bragg for morning coffee and bookstore/thrift store shopping:

mendocino for live music,
and sunset strolls on the headlands.

back to the cabin for cozy fires and reading at night.

by the way, the main farmhouse which has an amazing light-filled kitchen for all guests to share, as well as parlours and cozy chairs and hang out spots galore and big antique rugs, was built about 140 years ago!
 a past guest even made a book of drawings of the place.

okay, okay, i'll stop.....
believe me, i could go on and on! i'm so enraptured by this time we spent together and highly recommend a getaway for all you lovely ladies.
but now i have to crawl into bed to wake up for yet another adventure: backpacking with darin and the family for fourth of july weekend.

see you when my head stops spinning!


Missa said…
This sounds like pure bliss! The place you guys stayed at looks amazing and that area is so gorgeous. Lucas' dad lives in Fort Bragg. Once our chickens are out living in the coop and no longer in need of near constant changing of food and water because they keep filling them up with the pine shavings in their box, I want to plan a weekend up there, hopefully do some camping!

So nice to see the two of you having such a wonderful time together in such beautiful surroundings :D
Missa said…
Also, your anniversary dress is AMAZING and what a bathing beauty you are!
Your weekend looks like a dream, a lovely dream. What a fantastic get away. I hope I get some time to do some sumer reading soon.
You look radiant in your photos! Congrats on 3 years! Wishing you many more!
Teenysparkles said…
Congrats on 3 years and still so in lurve. Thanks for such a beauty of a post too....looks like a great place.
Violet Folklore said…
Ahhhh fun fun summertime fun. I love your Forest Lass hat!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Sounds like you had a beautiful time.

p.s. I'm so glad you could enjoy the hat (both of you!) and blouse :)
Amazing photos and amazing place for a getaway!

The good earth and all it's bounty!

Thanks for sharing!
boots said…
Horray!!! i'm so glad you had a nice anniversary! it looks like magic, pure magical beauty. I'm glad we share the same lovely time anniversary week. where is this place? do they have some sort of website? i would love to stay here someday!!! it looks so much fun!
boots said…
sorry i just found your link! thanks SO MUCH!
Andrea said…
wow, pure & utter bliss! to me, this is an ideal & perfect vacation :) breathtaking seascapes, cozy spaces, time for reading & music, farmland, wooden cabins, organic veggies and loved ones!!! it seems all so magical and how lovely that the weather was so perfect as well.
All I can say is FABULOUS!!! Your pictures, the location, your vintage bathing suit, everything everything! thanks so much for sharing, you have a natural talent for blending your wonderful adventures with your wonderful words!
Kelsie Lynn said…
beautiful pictures! i secretly just love your husband, as you've probably gathered.
anne said…
what a cool place! you looked like you had such a blast!
that little cabin is seriously perfect. as are all the pictures. thanks for sharing your super special weekend :D
oh yes oh yes..... i want to be there now! you and darin make quite the handsome/picturesque couple.
. said…
Great post and so glad the farmhouse continues to charm! My dad John Olmsted purchased it as a nature center in the late 60's - then saved the bluff and beach from a planned motel in 1972, finally handing it over to the state park system in 76. I made a film about it if you're interested "The Story of Jug Handle" - it truly is a magical place:

If you visit again you'll get to see a brand new sign at the parking lot telling dad's amazing story of stopping the bulldozers at the final hour.. Hope you continue to enjoy it and share your experiences.

Alden Olmsted

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