gypsy dreamland night

remember our big witchy-full-moon-girls-gathering back in january?
well we've been trying to plan a follow-up full moon themed girls night for months now and it finally happened.


rachel planned it so that we could have it at her rad airstream trailer in the woods (which i've written about before here): perfect setting for a full moon gypsy caravan forest spread.
are you ready ladies......okay, check out this magic she created.....
seriously, i died and went to heaven.

every detail was perfect: candles, colored strings of lights, rickety chairs, velvet couch heaped with instruments, scarves and tapestries hanging from the branches, a record player in a wheelbarrow draped in pink gauzy fabric, flowers and herbs and bells and baskets.
pure gypsy summer outdoor loveliness.

beautiful busy rachel, she's got the magic touch.

brittney looks like a real romany, we decided.

em, bedecked and bejeweled.

happy me in my dreamworld.

inside the trailer was a little dressing room area, where we set up skirts and scarves for girls to wear if they wanted costumes. here's rachel getting stuff ready inside, and a pile of my skirts.

i had worked a long hard day, so i rushed home, threw on some gypsy garb and whipped up a fresh corn/avocado salad, grabbed a bottle of wine and i was on my way.
(easy because this was the constant halloween costume of my youth, hell my whole life.)
it is not a far cry from my normal clothes, really. layers, bangles, slips, gems, head decor...throw it all on, i love the MUCHNESS of gypsy costume.

here's our group photo, sorry it's so dark and more girls arrived after this.

rachel and her mama kelly, a very inspiring woman.

yay crafting...we made little lanterns out of fabric and jars and wire.

tis a sweet feeling indeed, to sit in a circle of friends in the forest and craft together.

gypsy kitty helping.

i don't have any pictures of the finished lanterns but they really did look vivid and cute all patchworky and lit up in the dark. below, amber hangs hers in the branches.

getting real cozy.

katie here is emily's cousin and puts
together killer themed playlists; she was our gypsy dj.

this is courtney. i just met her at gypsy night and she is a ridiculously wonderful gal.
i want her to move to my town. oh by the way, she's drinking the homemade sangria which i indulged in a bit too heavily!

also, chelsea and rachel made this drink called "the gypsy" with benedictine tea. it was crraaazzyyy tasting. we passed it around and shared it.

later the night turned into hula hooping, singing and dancing round the fire under the full moon.

ahhh glorious gypsy night, and glorious girls for being in my life and heart.
thank you for reading, blog friends. i wish you all had been there too!


bellisimama said…
so fun! and so glad to hear you use the correct word for the romani people. as a belly dancer i've become a lot more educated about the Romani people. you might like this article.
it was written by a guy i know.
WOW WOW WOW, what a magical wonderful post, thank you for sharing. You are really lucky to have amazing, creative friends to share nights like this with!
Amy Beatty said…
What a dream come true. I love all the details and how beautiful everyone looked. It looked like the most perfect wonderful night EVER!!! You, of course are a natural Gypsy! Love you xoxo I loved that rachels mom was there and the picture that is kind of dark but you can see all the lights and candles glowing - I love it all.
Runic Rhyme said…
I am planning a Fall Equinox Celebration for September and this is terrific inspiration! Thank you for sharing the looks magical and familiar :]
Wow! Can I move to your town too?!? So awesome to have people that you can share evenings like this with. What a perfectly cozy and magickal night. I just might draw some decorating inspiration from this beautiful little corner of the forest. Looks like such a lovely lady community!
Teenysparkles said…
I'm so glad there are people around like you and yours...that truly celebrate living! Looks like alot of fun and mystical moments.
Missa said…
WOW! You girls are seriously too much, this looks like about the funnest time ever!!!

You all looked so beautiful and what an amazing set up in the most perfect location. Thanks so much for taking us along for the ride :)
mina said…
I want that record player!

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