Season of the Witch Part III...The Spellbook

(aka, i'm a posting fooool right now!)


So, Em and I have talked extensively about how much we love the gorgeous artistic spellbook from Practical Magic, which incidentally was bought by this private collector who has her own blog. A fact I learned here on this fascinating blog about the set production and costumes of movies with Victorian aesthetics and designs. You can learn lots more about the gorgeous house (which is torts our dreamhome) from Practical Magic in this post, and you'll also learn the sad fact that they built it just for the film, only to later TEAR IT DOWN. yuck. onwards.

Em found a neat old science-of-the-universe type of book at her mom's thrift store, so we used that as the basis and then added in our own stuff.

She started us out by making some gorgeous pages with tons of natural embellishments like twigs, seeds, candlewax, feathers, and leaves. And of course, burning and tearing the pages a little for that spooky salvaged look.

Anyway. The whole point of our witchy shindig was to bring together the gals and put ideas together for spells, or magical information, or wise words, whatever everyone wanted to add.

Here our just-begun spellbook waits (with some of my other magic books) to be filled with treasures.

Like I mentioned before each girl was fastidious when it came to decorating her pages for the book.

Chelsea and Em by firelight:

Les with the green man:
Becky with her completed vision spell:
Rachel hard at work in her gorgeous antique gown:

And then we had some readings!

Chelsea reading us the "red underwear" spell, woo hoo!

And here is the completed project, well not really completed because we can keep adding to it forever!
(although it will barely close as it is)

isn't it lovely?!!

as mentioned before, we never officially decided on a name for it, but i like to call it "Holy Wine." Because this is the stuff I'm really drunk on: crafty togetherness with powerful women. I'm totally dorking out on all this, I know, I know. I'm okay with that.

We hope to add lots more tidbits and ephemera and expand upon our masterpiece. I have already pored over it again and again to see each romantic little detail.

Next up, the final post on our Witchy Magic Night, Part IV: Dance Fever!!!


boots said…
that really is a masterpiece, that's amazing .
Amy Beatty said…
I love all the details, and everyone's own unique touch. I want to read it all.

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