for a couple of days, oh the sunshine we had!
oh the sunshine...

it was so magnificent and bright and strong that i felt it warming my very bones.
and i knew it was truly the pure solution to all human ills.
and it was utter bliss, and i wrote lists of everything that inspires and i danced around making wild shadows in the grass and being a total maniac.
me and my girls spent the whole two days outside, with a stack of books and a journal and music.
here's beanie jane and i rolling and stretching and loving and purring in the sun:

we even made a new friend with super cool front paws:
we dubbed him pluto.

today it was cloudy again but that's okay too because i've got this:

and a ladies' tea party and clothing swap to attend this eve...
so welcome rain, show me what you got; we can handle it because we have LOVE and a FIRE in the woodstove and our bodies are now a teeny bit stronger from that SUN.


Milla said…
Have fun! We've been having kick-ass weather too. It's so nice to be able bask.
joey said…

Heather, I miss the sun so bad. I filled a whole cart up at Home Depot in the garden department. Organic Flower Soil, Organic Veggie Soil, planter boxes, pots, snapdragons, poppies, tulips, primroses, you name it. Then I thought about the stupid clouds and left my cart in an aisle and walked out with my eager little tail between my stark white legs.

Also, what is UP WITH THAT NEW FRIEND'S TOES?! he's got to have an extra toe. or he has elephantitus....I cant wait to meet him, and to lay with you and bean in the sun.
Missa said…
My friend Louis has a polydactyl cat, that's what it's called. He named her Thumbelina because of her crazy thumbs :)

awesome information missa, thanks...you are a fount of mysterious knowledge and what a perfect name your friend chose!
Andrea said…
oh how fun! sounds like you fully took in the sunny days :) i want to come to that tea party & clothing swap too, what a great idea!

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