well this summer's been good from the start

Over the weekend temperatures crept steadily well above 100 degrees, topping off around 106, unseasonable for June (but we're back to our 70-80 degree days already.) Meanwhile Saturday's only goal was to stay cool so we headed up to the lake with a big group of friends. It was full but we parked across the way and walked in for free to this shady spot, spread out blankets and snacks, and played with babies for hours.

sylvan adores lucy. he asked if he could hold her and they sat and shared some strawberries.

i got to see my good friend mary, who owns mama earth farm with her husband ben. i haven't seen her since the birth of her second son, alder, who is now six months old! crazy how time flies and how newborns turn into plump bouncy smiley curious big bundles with so much personality all their own.

it is oddly satisfying to hold two babies at once. rebecca played with alder and aesop, two bouncing giggly bundles of PURE BABY HEAVEN.

although a few of our friends do have daughters, lucy is often the only girl in the group. she doesn't mind.

mary's four year old Yarrow is a fearless adventurer! He loves the water and knows all about the local plants.

mamas and their babes: mary with yarrow and alder, rebecca with sylvan, me with lucinda, and elsie with zillion and aesop.

and a photo with doniella! the token non-mama friend who is so nice to have around to help keep your head on straight and hold a baby for a while. and just be normal ;)

being in and around the water and friends all day makes for a very happy little girl. 

we capped off the summer day with an evening at marcos cafe in lotus. i have written about my favorite riverside venue before; it always feels like pure summer to hang out there.

i was worried that lucy might have a rough time since her nap got cut short, but she was in rare form. give her live music, an outdoor venue, and a bunch of friends and she is guaranteed to shine. the girl is a social butterfly indeed! 

we came to see our friends play music and we were truly entertained. justin's crazy jangly hip hop in bling wraith, then daniel's loopy electro pop in pregnant  ... lucy was groovin.

playing with jorden.

we made a tiny friend.

 all in all, a perfect day.

the only way to end a day like that: sleep naked with a fan on. 

well summer's off with a bang. long lingering sunlight, water and cherries and fans and picnics and popsicles. i'm in heaven.


Jenna E said…
I am so jealous. You have so many friends with babes!! Maybe Willow and I will just have to road trip down there and cool off in the water with you cats ;)
Teeny said…
And I'm in heaven reading this....heavenly summery days. And it is a true summer where one gets to have a fan on to blow the sweat away. Glad you are true to your fine form, getting out, being with friends and spreading the love, wish I could be there.
red moon arrow said…
Ah I love sweet Lucy and her big smile. Was so great to see you both over the weekend. She was even more beautiful in person. I caught a glimpse of you holding her and smiling, and I just thought to myself, wow that is one happy bunch. It's so beautiful to see such pure love being shared between a daughter and a mom. Touched my heart for sure. Hope to see you again soon this summer. Planning to come up plenty. <3
anne said…
ahh! looks like one hell of a day!
Anonymous said…
mmm, there is so much i love about this post! you have captured so much of the simple deliciousness of summer (the top of the list being sleeping with no covers and a fan and POPSICLES). i always feel mopey in june, and your post reminds me its because we in SF go right back into winter just when everyone else is breaking out the bbqs. thank you for sharing your little slice, it looks like heaven indeed. and your little summer babe is about to turner that first corner, yeah? xo
Milla said…
Oooh girl! I don't know if I could handle it, but it does look rather heavenly. Tiny kiddie pools are the best! I remember just living in mine when I was a little one and it does not get that hot in Finland in the summer. Stay cool!
dolly anna said…
all of this looks just perfect perfect perfect, marcos and friends with babies and the awesome non-baby friend to hold babies?

mary's boys are so sweet, i'm so happy to see pictures of alder, aesop too, what a cute chunk!

and your 106 day?

it was 111 here...i was going loca, and was such a dope to not go swimming!!

seriously, let's go camping.
Celynne said…
What a wonderful group of mamas! You're still glowing with love and joy as always, it warms my own heart to see it.
Rachel Weaver said…
What beautiful babies. What beautiful mamas. Summertime is the right time for sure.
Tera said…
Loved all the mommies with babies pics! What a fun time. Lucy is so beautiful! See her new "teef". Happy Summer!!!!! You are so radiant!

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