River Day and Waiting in the Sun....

The day before my due date, Darin and I hiked down to the river. 
it was the hottest day of a spree of days over a hundred degrees. 
that cold river water never felt so good!

oh american river, you flow and fill with secrets, scraps, time forgotten....
wood and bone, rock and sand and dragonfly.
our bodies, even the gentle quiet movements of our babies inside.

on a day like this, when you are waiting for your baby, every tiny detail seems of great portent. little love letters from the gods of the river;
medicine from the ancient trees and shade and birds.

we encountered a sleek and pretty friend. she did tricks for us in the tree.

refreshed, our water spirits glowing... darin skipped rocks, i read, we felt our baby move and roll inside my crazy belly over and over. i think she's ready to see this all with her own eyes. to try out the river with her own tiny feet. to snuggle in our arms and feel our skin and kisses. to taste the sun.

we had dinner at our favorite little river shack, Marcos, of the brick-oven amazing pesto-potato pizza.

art's cousin victoria works there. she is a doll, so excited to see us and sun-glowy and happy.

sooooo....today is july 13, my "due date" which i have tried very hard NOT to be attached to, but it feels like an important day nonetheless.
i am feeling great. i take naps every afternoon, and float in water at least once a day, and do laundry and love my cats, and walk, and watch movies with darin, and eat eat eat!
so far i have bits of cramps and lower back pain and twinges and tightenings, but nothing major.
so that's about it. i might go out tonight, i might not. i might dance to live music to get this baby moving, but then again i might just sleep :)
wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


Brittan said…
Good luck! Sending you happy thoughts and healthy labor vibes from across the internet. You look so beautiful and happy in the river with that big, glowing belly.
i die. you are amazing. that picture of you by the river is just breathtaking. it must feel so good to float in that river. hope the rest of these last days are just as sweet.
Still Blooming said…
I can see it now...INTRODUCING! Free People's new line for all the beauties who are expecting. The Cover is of the ever so BEAUTIFUL Heather.

Thinking of you and sending some LOVE to the three of you, xoxo
Mrs. Habit said…
Heather - you are GORGEOUS! these pictures make me so happy. Seriously. One of the prettiest pregnant gals I've seen. And not too long now :)

you are beyond inspirational.
it's nearly time!!
Steven Taylor said…
I met her! Both the river and Art's cousin....she was the most patient friendly person to serve us pizza! And the river....honey....that is the first river i've swum in, for years, and i swear she has some cooling power to her. You are breathtaking as ever....you've remained true to your adorable style right to the end. I'm under grey skies today, but who needs sun when your pretty pictures and words remind me of the glory on the other side of the world!
xo not long now.
Steven Taylor said…
YIKES sorry its me teeny not Steve!!!! i'm signed in as him by accident! hahaha
lightwood said…
The universe has blessed you! You give me a glimpse of what it must feel like to reach your due date, all that anticipation and the beautiful big bubba ready to make her way into the world. Enjoy your the last few hours/days/weeks of your pregnancy river child xxx
Equine Bovine said…
love the snake, love the river and love your belly in a bikini!! keep a look out for a special delivery from a friend in sacramento :)
Missa said…
Oh beautiful Heather! I can't believe it's finally that time! We're heading out on our trip in the morning and I just wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you with abundant excitement and blessings :D
anne said…
heather, that full body shot with you gazing down is amazing! you will be sooo happy looking back on that! can't wait for baby to get here!!!
steeltulip said…
You look amazing! Sending lots of love and luck your way for the birth of your baby girl!
Tera said…
AWWWWWWW she is totally ready to come out!!! My best is with you! Thought of you today and opened the Mac to check and see :)
Scarlett said…
This post brought me so much joy and happiness. I can feel your excitement just through each picture...what a blessing you have been given! I love the photos you look beautiful!I am so happy for you and I wish you all the best with your beautiful baby xx

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