nesting in....

a glimpse into life with a newborn:

we made a nest in the living room; this is where we live lately.

em made this banner to greet us when we got home from the hospital. it's still hanging, so cheery:

addie stayed with us until saturday night. it was a dream to have her here. she kept everything tidy and pretty and helped with the baby and picked things up at the store that we might need. i cried when she left. i can't wait to return the favor for her come january!

pretty flowers everywhere you look:

our friends arranged a "meal train" for us. we have never eaten so well for so many days in a row!
first night, rebecca made us corn risotto, watermelon-tomato-basil salad, and a green salad, YUM.

monday night, chelsea brought us walnut taco wraps with all the fixins. apparently walnuts are good for breastfeeding women, and dang were they tasty! i need the recipe.

every day we are the recipients of flowers, treats, baby stuff; the bounty is unbelievable and our little nest fills up with goodies.
our friend scott brought a beautiful bottle of champagne, flowers and pastries:

scott and darin show off their daughters :)

another local gal, juniper, gets to meet lucy.

sylvan has quickly become a devoted new friend:

the mingles came bearing freshly homemade calzones on our first day home:

elsie, justin and zillion (and a tiny unborn one too!) brought veggie enchiladas sunday eve and met our girl:

and yay! this little family came all the way from utah to meet lucinda (okay they had lots of other california adventures as well, but meeting lucy was one of the highlights i think ;)


in fact my brothers and nick had gone on a backpacking trip on the john muir trail for five days...they arrived home in all their stinky and exhilarated glory. our nest was very exciting that day!

more cozy visits, amber and lucinda:

nana and lucinda:

the most exciting gift! when we arrived home from the hospital there was a big box waiting for us with a sacramento address i recognized. my heart soared! a package from nicole
i knew it would contain vintage delights, but never expected such unbelievable treasures!
check out the adorable card made by nicole's 12 year old daughter. i hope she's marketing these...
(it makes me cry it is so sweet)

we had soooo much fun going through each item, pulling it out with a gasp and a sigh of utter cuteness overload.

a peek-a-boo at the amazing girly vintage heaven.

prettiest little-50s-girl dress ever. in the world, period.

 one night there was a crazy thunderstorm with lightning. a cool wind blew the curtains billowing in and the windchimes sang in the dark. lucinda and i stayed awake to listen to the storm and watch the sky light up  pale violet with each crash. billy and the other cats sat in the window in the strange light. darin played his guitar and the rare summer rain washed our garden and our dry hills clean. we were cool and peaceful in our nest all night long.

 our cats are getting used to the new presence. no one can help liking her :)

most of all, we are just utterly smitten. no one could have really prepared me for these first few days and weeks with our newborn. it is the most unique and special time of our lives and i am cherishing every moment. now....back to soak up that sweet baby girl of mine!


lasophia said…
So that's who was in there all this time. Congrats! I see you guys are just over the moon. 4 more weeks or less left for me. Can't wait.
Elizabeth said…
Oh wow, you guys are doing this so beautifully, it warms my heart to be a witness way over here of how little Lucinda is being welcomed so finely, respectfully, comforted, and Loved all the way. Her little spirit must be be feeling so totally loved up and happy in the arms of her family. JOY.
Thanks so much for sharing.
You look amazing by the way!!!!! I am sure my hair was a giant nest, and I hardly dressed for a while; )
Blessings Blessings Blessings xx E
Tina Dawn said…
My favorite photos are of your Mom and Lucy and Darin playing the guitar to her, but love them all. Keep them coming when you can. Tina
Teeny said…
hey darling you, it has taken me such a long time to get back onto the blogging world. And what a wonderful, splendiferous (is that a word?) start for me to be reading yours. I was just telling Steve about all the love you guys are surrounded with and it just doesn't surprise us in the least - you two (now three) are some of the warmest peeps we've met. it's only fitting that everyone wants to be a part and to be around your newest family member....of course Ms Mia yells out "me and Oscar, we love Darin". i wish i could be there. I know that mobility is tough after a might remember Oscar was an emergency c-section too....heartbreaking but such a relief and eternally grateful that he was healthy. Also i had a VBAC with Mia. Lucy is growing so fast Heather! Not surprising as you are feeding her superfood! Miss you muchly, wish i could give you all a smooch. xoxoxoxo
marya said…
Amazing!!! You are so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and supportive friends and family! Congrats again!
oh! this post made me cry. i am so very happy for you and darin. you are so beautiful and so is your girl. as i was reading this, my youngest came and sat on my lap to look at the pictures and when he saw the first picture of darin with the salad he said "that's a daddy!" i have no idea why he said it, because there was no baby in the picture. he could just tell that Darin was now one of the Daddys. that last picture of him playing the guitar to little miss lucinda is what really got the waterworks going. i have a picture just like that of my dad (who looks quite like darin) playing to little newborn me. i loved having a guitar playing dad. i'll go see if i can find the picture to show you. anyway, i am so very happy for you and i've had a seriously exhausting and crappy couple of days so this little piece of beauty really warmed my heart. so much love to you and your family. and it's so nice to see a new mama be so well taken care of by her community. that's what really makes all the difference.
just shared the picture with you in a private message on facebook, if you'd like to see it.
Missa said…
Honestly Heather, I can't imagine a more perfect setting for welcoming that sweet little bundle into this world. Your cozy nest and your loving family and community all coming together with nourishment and support and joyous LOVE. It's awe inspiring! I don't think it gets much better than this... ENJOY :)
Jacqueline said…
Congrats! She is beautiful! This time goes by so fast--enjoy every second (which is looks like you are doing).
Looking forward to reading your birth story!
Anonymous said…
What a lucky little girl, to be adored by so many!

So happy for you guys, Heather, and I'm thrilled to know that we'll be able to see her grow up as well, albiet from afar.

Milla said…
You guys of course are the most natural,sweet parents, your home full of light and joy and visitors. Was there ever a luckier gal than Lucy serenaded by her papa and even the summer's night sky? I think not. Much love to your family.
Kaylie said…
What a beautiful little girl! You three make the sweetest family.
Heather said…
Beautiful enjoy your special time is almost like the universe slows down some doesn't it and you begin to notice and enjoy things more ~Welcome Little Lucy ~Love Heather
words fail me...beautiful!

p.s. glad the box arrived and that you enjoyed it. i showed k the post and she was very flattered by your kind words about her card (and probably that you referred to her as being 12 when she still has a few days until she officially turns, too, haha)

What a beautiful tribute to your most precious first days with precious angel Lucinda. Your way with words my darling girl brings tears to my eyes. Since you were a tiny thing you have been able to put each moment into words that bring the images to life for those who are lucky enough to read them. An artist indeed. I love you so much and the birth of our long awaited new addition to the family has brought us all such joy. She is such a delight. We are all so blessed by her spirit and beauty. I am so lucky to be her Nana and your Marmee, I love you so much honey. Bless is the perfect word to describe what you do for all you meet and who know you. Joy is what you bring to me and my soul.
Andrea said…
Such a treasure Heather! How lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to help out and be a part of little Lucinda's first days :) Thank you for sharing these images and stories with us. They are quite precious.
Nicky said…
Oh my word- Dada playing guitar and you wrapped up nursing her. LOVE those shots! Sounds like and explosion of goodness with gifts, flowers, and lots of loving friends and family- just as it should be :D She is so stinkin cute!!!
Tera said…
LOVED these photos, congratulations again!!!!! We babymooned on the bed for several weeks :) Enjoy!! Today my pink bundled learned to flip herself over.
Amy Beatty said…
wow.. thought that i had commented on this already. I know Ive looked at it at least million times but now I want MORE!! I know, I'm asking to much! but I miss that babe so bad!! so maybe if you are awake in the middle of the night with nothing to do, you could just a post a pic or two. YOu dont even need to write anything about it. though your momma is right, you write the best blogs in the world. I love you and darin and baby sooo much xoxo and I hope you are sleeping and are not awake with nothing to do. Its just my own evil selfish dream that I'll wake up and see luc!! btw, I guess since I didn't leave a comment already I do want to add that I LOVE every single photo and that you are dang right about lucy being the highlight. She IS the highlight of 2012! easy! I just wish I was still there.... all the pics are so lovely and full of life and color and I just want to move in. I m sure everyone who reads this does :) Looks like I heaven, and since I have been lucky enough to have been there I know it is heaven xoxo kiss kissssssssss oh how i wish I was holding that warm bundle and petting all those unbelievably soft spots. You are blessed and you bless me soooooooooo.
Amy Beatty said…
ok,,, so Ive looked at the blog again. and I'm soo in love with her. You look so stunning in the top photo but my top three photos of lucy are: drum roll..
1. addie and babe. she is just the perfect package!!
2. the proud daddy photo. her checks look so sweet, round and rosy. I just want to kiss her up and down, not really. I just want to keep my lips on her and not ever remove them. but I guess I would have to because then I couldn't see her.
3. lucy and bella. she has got the cutest look on her face. a happy one! dang cute. I just love studying all the photos because she has a cute different face in all of them.

and it has to be said. darin playing the guitar to her is over the top, too sweet for words. priceless pictures all around
anne said…
beautiful! perfect nesting area for sweet baby lucinda!

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