pretty in pink

as much as we wanted to try to avoid too much pink with our little baby girl,
sometimes it just happens....

here's me in my pink slip nightie (the only thing i can comfortably sleep and breastfeed in as of late), with Lucy in her pink gingham sundress from Addie, on her pink boppy lounger from her uncle dave and aunt ashley, and with her homemade pink blanket from my mom (nana). 
my rosy little cherry blossom!

addie and i took her outside for a photo shoot in her big vintage bonnet. 
lucinda on friday at four days old:

darin's favorite place to be in the whole wide world:

just beaming out pink moonbeams from the spring household!


Miss Claire said…
You are such a beautiful little family! The bonnet is gorgeous xx
Still Blooming said…
Look at those baby toes!!!! Sweet as can be.
Thanks so much Heather and Darin for sharing during this very special time, these glimpses give such joy...xoxo
i can almost feel that velvety newborn head feeling. such a special time.
marygood said…
absolutely melting. i love the mystery of newborn faces...i can see both you and darin in her...i can't wait to see how she grows into her rosey lucinda self. xo
the enormity of small wonders never cease
Andrea said…
so lovely! she's just precious.
Equine Bovine said…
she definitely knows how to strike a pose..what a cutie.
Equine Bovine said…
she definitely knows how to strike a pose..what a cutie.
anne said…
so sweet!
i can see you both are soaking up the baby love!
Oh My Goodness... You gorgeous girls. I am so happy for you, your family, wow you guys are just the sweetest. A little girl. I had kind of hoped, so perhaps I too could send on a little something. What beautiful magical days these are for you, indeed I can just imagine you guys are under the spell, lOVE lOVE lOVE.
Welcome Lucinda!!!!!

xx E
oh dear, you are going to put us all to shame posting regularly with a newborn ;)
precious precious precious!
Amy Beatty said…
i miss you sooooo! she is such a sweet girl. I'm loving these photos but my fav is of her and darin. I love her wrinkled fuzzy brow!! I could just kiss and pet her all day long. I love you guys soo much xoxo
Teeny said…
It's good to see Darin is sleepy too, it tells me he is helping you out exactly when you need him to. In the early weeks after oscar was born i couldn't get up quickly to get Oz to was comfiest for me on the sofa in the lounge, so steve would get up and bring us both to the sofa...then stay awake with me so i wouldn't feel lonely. Oh, here I am talking about me again. Well, you brought me some sweet memories. A woman certainly becomes stronger than she ever knew when a baby is born to her....and a man sure shows his strength for a woman when a baby is born. much love babes. xoxox
Missa said…
Ha! Newborns make the best facial expressions for photo taking! We've got some pretty good ones from when Clover was first born :)

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