guess who's gonna be a mom with me?!

i've been waiting to announce this until she was ready....
my sister is pregnant too!!!
you can read ade's epic blog post catching up the last year or so of her life and including this incredible news.
she is due in mid january so our babies are going to be exactly six months apart in age.
as you probably know, we are only fourteen months apart and best friends. we grew up really super close, almost like twins, and always dreamed of having babies together.
it started to seem like kind of a dim possibility over these last few years; well guess what....
dreams come true!

this is the only photo i have of us being pregnant together so far. 
it was taken at my baby shower with our other two friends who are pregnant too.

of course, there's me, due right NOW, mary is due in october, elsie is due right after christmas, and addie is due in january.
we've got a little baby boom going on round here :)


oh! that is such fantastic news! so much congrats to your lovely sister! my best friend and i's oldest kids are 7 months apart and it's been so wonderful to have her be at that same place with me all these years. how wonderful for your family and hers and your bigger extended family!
Teeny said…
So gorgeous, what a precious photo for you to keep. So awesome about Addie too. sisters. You are all really cute pregnant ladies. xo
anne said…
oh my gosh! that's so exciting! yay!

i didn't know you were so close in age. my sister and i are 10 1/2 months apart :D
Heather said…
Whoo! Baby boom going on indeed Super Congrats to your Sister and what a cute photo!! my boys are 15 months apart they are very close. Hope your doing well ~Love Heather
Debz said…
Oh my thats so sweet and nice!
I hope everything goes well for your birth and you really do have that special glow in all your pictures!
Good luck to all your friends and sister to when they get there! <3
How wonderful. You and your sis will have so much support and understanding for each other. Me and my sisters also had a wonderufl time nursingbabies together, there was three of us at once, I remember sitting round the stove at my dads with our three babies, knowing this was the one most bonding moments of our lives.

xx E
Jessica said…
Thanks for your sweet words! My older sister and I were pregnant for a few months together before she had my nephew in November! I'm so excited to be moms together. I think that's so special that you and your sister get to share that too! Best wishes to you these last few's so hard to be patient, but I guess we're about to get the best reward! :)
Andrea said…
this post (and your sister's) nearly brought me to tears :) congrats!

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