39 weeks going strong

one week before my due date. 
it is a friday and i have been off work for a week and my belly is so massive that sometimes it feels like i will topple over.

here is how i spend my days:
float in my pool
water the garden and yard
clean up every little detail
think of new things that still need taking care of around the house.

i've been social a lot too. tonight i went to rebecca's birthday party and stayed till almost 11:30....woo hoo late night for me! both rebecca and sylvan finally got to feel the baby move as she wriggled her little rump inside me. i had the best carrot cake in the whole wide world, made from scratch by doniella, and even sipped a bit of carolann's homemade sangria.

i wore shorts under my dress so everyone could see my real belly.
it's more fun that way.

the days are warm but i like them just fine that way. 
hearing doniella and carolann talk about wearing jackets in the city made me soooo grateful for my sundresses-at-night, dry-grass-all-day, riverside, poolside, golden hot summer moon foothill town.
and my july pregnancy even!

even if i do waddle like a sweaty duck and practically fall down while trying to get out of my pool these days.
i also get way cranky in traffic and find myself just slightly more irritable toward everyday annoyances, like someone at the thrift store standing too close to me or staring at me or something like that.

i am up and down and all around, a whirlwind of energy sometimes and then a total slug.
a positive glowing happy mama sometimes and sometimes a grumpy and intolerant old lady!

still loving on my kitties bigtime and concerned about upsetting routines with them when baby comes.
billy loves to snuggle me at night. he definitely thinks of himself as my baby.  now what am i going to do about that? do any of you have pets who sleep in your bedroom with your baby too?

i was feeling jolly and wild today, like some big rounded green summer sprite.
maybe a little fairy dance will bring baby out into the sunlight.

our big moment approaches....thank you all for being so absolutely sweet, supportive, helpful and wise through my pregnancy here in blogland!


good lord woman! i say it every time but it's true: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! pregnancy becomes you, and you are just so Too Too Much wonderfulness. gorgeous dress, gorgeous belly. i have a story about pets and babies but it's likely not what you want to hear. i have a dog and a cat and they were my BABBBBBIIIIIIEES. when i was pregnant i spent every second with them, worrying about what to do when the baby was born. i cried when i left my dog to go to the hospital to have a baby, that's how much i worried. and then i had my baby. and i was like "dog? cat? i have pets?" yes, i was that person that completely spaced out on her pets. i mean, i didn't sell them to the circus or abandon them, they still live very happily with me. but it all shifted. they were NOT babies. they were animals. and i had a real baby. and there was no confusion over which came first in terms of importance. i've pissed off several Animal People by telling this story when they wereexpecting a baby, so hopefully you are in a glowing pregnant lady mood and not the irritable one *wink*. but yeah, it was just not the dilemma i thought it would be. it was like that will ferrell skit from Saturday Night Live "you're just. a fucking. dog". now, i've also heard from one or two people that this didn't happen to them, they still feel like their pets are just the same importance as their kids. but most people i've encountered have had the same experience i had. the immediate shift from "my baby!" to "an animal i really love but is just a pet and not remotely on the same level as the human child i just gave birth to."
so yeah. that was my experience. my pets are just fine, well loved and played with, but there was a HUGE HUGE HUGE shift and it happened instantly. i went from "omg, i hope the doggie isn't too sad with me here at the hospital" to "dog? i have a dog?"
haha, brig i love your story and that is just fine. it is hard to imagine for me at this point, but one thing darin and i have discussed is...the cats will be fine no matter what. we will provide them with a loving home. if they have to sleep in a different spot or get a little less attention, we know they'll still have a really damn good life ;) so yes, thank you for your story and i can't wait to see how it all goes down for us?! i guess one way to look at it is: it's not just the cats' routines that will go out the window, it is ALL the routines!
anne said…
nice! you look ready to go heather! not too long now. those last days always seemed like an eternity to me. you seem pretty content though :D

hahaha! brigit! i love that will ferrell skit! quote it all the time :D
Nichole said…
beautiful beautiful. it has been a privilege to read about your journey! i wish for the best of everything for you and yours—health, happiness, safety, and abundance. here comes adventure!
Krauss og Fugli said…
Oh Heather! You look so radiant, natural and beautiful, you make an amazing mama! Sending you so much love from afar, always checking in on your blog. I wish you luck and strenght in these new times to come:) Hugs!
lasophia said…
WOw! check out that belly! Any day now! Im so excited for you. Im 6 weeks behind you. Best of luck preggo blogger sister.
mo said…
Heather! I can hardly believe the day is almost here. You are absolutely glowing in all your radiance. Such a happy beautiful woman you are! Excited to see pics of the sweet little wee one and hear about your birth. What a wonderful world it is.
love and joy to you!
Teeny said…
Hey sweetie, absolutely bloomin gorgeous. I love you and you in that dress. Pregnancy is just a perfect partner for you. I didn't have so much time for my cat once I had babies....it is pretty common for that to happen. But i think it depends on the person, and the family and the baby. You'll work out what suits you best. I have heard that it is good to have animals in a baby's household, to help build immunity, so I wouldn't worry about that. dude your bubba has dropped so much since I caught up with you. Almost time now huh. so much love. xxoo
Heather said…
Wow Heather it is almost time how exciting!! you do look healthy and vibrant and ready for baby!! I will pray for a healthy and safe delivery for you and baby ~I have not had cats but have had dogs with my kids as babies but we did not let them in there room, Now our poodle sleeps on our daughters bed though:) I think at first it is good to be cautious not just for safety reasons but for allergies as well. If your breast feeding though that will help build up immunity as well ~ Love Heather
Geny said…
You are looking so beautiful! I can't wait for your baby to arrive and to catch a little peek of her beauty too! Sending you happy loving thoughts for a speedy delivery!
Sailor Purrs said…
Beautiful woman! I love this. xo
dolly anna said…
Oh, wow....these are the most vibrant and wildly gorgeous baby lady photos ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful duo you two make ....its happening! Xoxo
lightwood said…
Oh sweetheart, your big beautiful baby belly just melts my heart! You're one of the few full term preggo ladies I can gaze at without ugly feelings of jealousy and sadness that I only made it to 34 weeks... you are just surrounded by happiness and it's contagious :-)

We are still sleeping with our 2 dogs & 2 cats in the bed, and have been since little Arlo came home. He sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed, and comes into the bed with me for night feeds but he is protected by my cuddle... I do have to agree though in the beginning things were different, I too became paranoid about hygiene and cat's bums and doggie tongues.. plus because he was premmie it was exaggerated, I was so worried about him catching something! And the cats in particular were obsessed with sleeping in the bassinet, the pram, anywhere where there was cosy baby blankets. Our burmese even comes and lays on my lap when I'm breastfeeding, she thinks she is a baby too! My hypervigilance has eased now though, and I feel reassured knowing the evidence actually encourages babies to be around animals as it strengthens their immune systems! I still love my fur babies but they definitely have had to live with a few less cuddles and pats these past few months, but they are still happy crazy little souls and very adaptable. It helps having the man around to lavish them with love while you have the babe constantly attached to your bosom!

Best of luck for your birth which I'm sure will be a beautiful experience however it works out... I still haven't managed to get back into blogland properly but I am quite active on instagram as it's much lazier ;-)

xox Gem
Andrea said…
Hi Heather :) You look just absolutely radiant. D. and I were away on a family vacation and I thought of you several times. I thought to myself, I really need to check on Heather. She must be due any day now... ha ha! You look as lovely as ever, and happy to see you are handling these last few days/weeks in stride! Sending lots of love, strength and peace your way :)
Celynne said…
You look amazing (as usual) and that dress is fantastic! I kind of want to sit behind you while you're in your pool and braid flowers into your hair :)
Chris Simons said…
Love the dress! What great colors!
Elizabeth said…
You are bloomin gorgeous lassie. Pregnancy so suits you, and your embrace of it is such a beautiful thing. I have missed checkin in with you, but have often looked to the skies wondering how is that lovely lass doin all the ways over here, has baby made her way into the world yet. I see she is holding in till just the perfect moment.
You shall be such a lovely Mom, and Darin too looks as if he is blooming in his ways, definitley getting some serious daddy looks about him.

Love to you xxxx E
Nicky said…
Beutiful baby belly mama! I'm praying for your smooth delivery and happy birthing experience :D Can't wait to see that smiling face except that you are so RAD pregnant :D Enjoy it all..... xo
iamyoursforever said…
nice blog xx :))

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