Scatter Joy...

...says Emerson, and so LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!

i.e. nerding out at the holiday party with literary friends and a couple of my amazing professors from school and wondering if Katie's baby might suddenly make an impromptu Christmas arrival!

then heading up to karaoke at Powell's for stanny's birthday party:

Check out addie's pretty festive stylz.

Adam brings some hip hop in the house!

Darin's bustin out the professor coat. And some sillies in the back are merrymaking.

And now on to another night of fun: Joey's offical Dark River CD release show tonight at the art walk in downtown Placerville. And the kids are here! So much fun is washing over us from now until the New Year, I'm all sparkly with joy.

What are you guys up to this busy, festive weekend??


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