Polaroids from the Past

Have you seen this?
I just spent a dizzying hour or so going through Jamie Livingston's collection of polaroids  taken from 1977 to 1997.  He was a circus performer and photographer living in New York and he took a polaroid a day for twenty years until he died from cancer.

They are amazing.

I think if you listen to the right music while listening to them, they are haunting and melancholy, strange and heart breaking.

They depict tiny moments, like sleeping, snow globes, parades, clouds, neon signs, reading in a cozy chair, smirking, cooking.
They depict hospitals, love, animals, grandparents.

The little moments that make life grand.

I guess that's a perk of polaroids. A big one.


listening to "while my guitar gently weeps" by g. harrison, and all is as it should be......<3 check out robert frank....
Kaylie said…
These are great!

Thanks for the sweet comment about the dance--it really made me smile!
boots said…
those are amazing - i have a ton of my parents polaroids that are so fun to look at - these invoke some warm winter thoughts of family and friends.

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