Snowed In!

Yesterday morning we awoke to the power lines down all over town in an unprecedented Placervillian winter wonderland after a snowstorm dumped down upon us more snow than we've had since forever ago. We did not get our power back until late afternoon today and our roads and vehicles have been frozen solid into snowbanks in our driveway. It has been quite an adventure and I'm glad my camera battery did not run out cause documentation was my main source of entertainment!

Here's the view out front:

What we stepped out into:

front yard:

back yard, check out the stack on top of our green waste bin!

our oak tree and the giant limb it lost:

joey and emily arrive, walked up to our house from main street which was completely shut down for lack of power. It was so cute to see them come tromping up, rosy-cheeked:

While Momma and Darin were doing this inside, ah pure coziness!

I made breakfast of veggie sausage and eggs out on the propane stove on the back patio:

Boys hanging out and eating in the only warm room in the house:

We all got to spent a lot of time comforting our very sick cat Stormy, the big gentle giant who is no giant anymore. He is all skin and bones now and won't eat or drink, just wants to be loved and warmly snuggled all day.

Mom and Emily and I looked at old photos for hours...great entertainment!

Momma was very worried about her brand new car; here she is brushing the heaps of snow off:

and she made Joey use our shovel (it's NO snow shovel, trust me) to try and clear our driveway a bit:

our dwindling wood (SCARY!) until Pops showed up with some oak logs later at night:

As the weak winter sun went down leaving a trail of blackness and ICE in its wake:

We dug sodas into the snow and prepared our camping-stove dinner:

Which turned out quite lovely, beans, rice, tortillas, salsa, and avocado by candlelight (it was SO DARK and my flash makes it look much lighter than it was):

Thus we wiled away the snowed-in winter hours, later playing a vigorous candlelit round of Apples to Apples. It was the parents' first time playing and they asked weird questions like "But what if I can't remember which card I chose" (it's okay, dad, it's only one at a time, we're sure you can remember) and "But what if I can't see my words...Danny can you see that??" (it's okay mom, it's just sort of dark in here) We're like, so this is what it's like playing games with OLD PEOPLE!

It was fun and Em won, collecting such descriptive words as "aged," "unforgettable," "nasty," and "dirty" which fit her to a tee! If you've not played Apples to Apples IT'S TIME TO START. Great Christmas gift for the whole fam.

Darin had to work a graveyard shift at 11 pm and Dad and I getting him there was an adventure in and of itself. Here's how we left Joey and Em having a little sleepover on the living room floor by the cozy fire.

And here's the icy sunlit wonderland we awoke to:

Spent some time downtown where only half the businesses were open and there was a mad rush for Centro cafe's hot drinks and wireless access.

Somebody built these rad Placerville snowfigures on the bench on Main Street.

Walked down to Mel's for a hearty veggie burger lunch because WE NEEDED IT.

Now, if only the power stays on I say BRING ON MORE SNOW! I loved it. I know I've said the word "cozy" about one thousand times, but that is the highlight of this whole experience: cozy long johns, hot tea, firewood, woolen sweaters, children going by on sleds right on the snowy street, red cheeks from cold walks outside and marshmallow creme in hot cocoa, cats purring by the christmas tree, and tonight we even get to enjoy our twinkly lights, propane heat, and blogging priveleges! HOORAY for snow days!


Amy Beatty said…
I love this post soo much. You all are too dang cute for words. Joe and Em walking, Nana cleaning her car, you making breakfast OUTSIDE, games, sleep overs and most of all that FIRE!! Thats what we need bad. It has been snowing here for three days. Plus our heater broke while we were at church on Sunday. I know what you are taking about when you are wearing everything and are still freezing. I went to work yesterday and I was soo glad to be in a heated building for a few hours, but it turns out I never took my scarf, coat or beanie off the whole time because my very frozen body was just starting to de-freeze when it was time to go home again. Thank goodness we got a new motor for our heater last night. I wish we had a fireplace soooo bad. We are sooo counting down the days to be there with you all. But I'm really hoping you don't get anymore snow- sorry. SO mean of me, but it's soo nice for us to get a break of it. Love you xo
Amy Beatty said…
Placerville looks so beautiful with snow. Even though it has been snowing here for three days you guys have got us beat!
mart and lu said…
whoa thats way more snow then we have here! and i thought we had lots!
AdieSpringB said…
Heather I love this post so much! I can't believe Joey and Em walked to your house through that much snow! I hope it snows forevermore, and I am sad that all this rain is now melting it. But...I have a feeling it shall be's gonna be a wet winter I believe! Or a white one!
mooncowboy said…
i so wish we were there for this.
Mary said…
This is the sweetest heather! A true winter wonderland, pure advent magic. How lucky for your girls. And I'm so glad cozy was the word...better than freezing! You are too cute on that propane stove. Hope you get a white Christmas. Xoxo
Hi Mary, Ugh how I wish this were now!!! This was six years ago, just noticed it happens to be to the day, haha! My girls would love this so much. You can bet if this happened now the pictures would feature them heavily. ;) One can still hope for a white Christmas. xoxo

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