Warm Winter

feeling jaunty these fresh new january days.
i started doing  yoga on new year's morn, and find that it puts me in more of a sparkly mood throughout the day.
the days are sunny and warm, sunny and warm, sunny and warm.
nothin in the forecast but....sunny and warm.

i try to wear sweaters, cause it feels cold inside the house, then i go out and start shedding layers immediately.
tonight, even though the air is cooling, after a warm day and being outdoors, i actually have that slight sweet smell of b.o (hope it doesn't gross you out, i kinda like it ;) that makes me feel so springtimey!

i think this renewed energy also comes from all that sweet vitamin D i'm getting from the gentle sun rays, reading outside on my days off and working on projects round the yard.

i was wearing rather a ho-hum outfit, but i felt so good i had to take pics anyway.
especially to show off my new favorite earrings and necklace, both christmas gifts.
mikie's girlfriend amber, a talented artist, made me these feather earrings that i am dying over.
and my mom got me the silver beaded necklace at a craft fair; i think it's moonstone. i am lovingly drawn to the triangle symbol lately.

i absolutely love wearing short dresses with boots and bare legs. it looks cute and feels free...but the weather is rarely just right for me to pull off this look. (usually i am sweltering in my boots and have to switch to sandals). hello, january! (!?)

my trademarks...
messy hair....

and lots of cat pictures. 
here is the household's youngest kit, tiny fern, (who yes, does resemble her old great grandpa c.p.) running around on the structure we built for the stage. she is quite the acrobat.

all the cats are LOVING this weather. it's all day, outside, running amok, playing together, then cozy nights exhausted.

bobey is king of the yard and castle.

and especially, his favorite playground, the ashes of the burn pile. it's like catnip for him!

the doors and windows were thrown open all day long. 
joey and i worked on the patio, setting it up with little tables and chairs. we are ready for company, barbecues, and late night conversations under the twinkly white lights. won't you come over? you can spend the night in my little gypsy hut.

here's to a whimsical, magical, sweet, homey, ever-growing, sprouting and blossoming new year!!!


Amanda said…
YES! I do want to sleep over in the hut!
theequinebovine said…
your outfit is light years away from being 'ho hum'. reading and gazing at the pictures of your blog makes me tear up with a dose of home sickness. midtown is making me fn' crazy and all i want to do is move back into the hills. give the cows a kiss for me and have a good day today xo
Teeny said…
Can't wait to visit you. And you always look gorgeous, silly woman. We're plotting all the things we want to see in SoCal on a virtual map (i know i know, crazy times, what happened to paper?)...and planning on spending more time in the North. The days are still warm there now? This weather is a wonder isn't it.
bye lovely
Missa said…
Seriously, what is up with this weather?!?!? What ever it is, it is clearly agreeing with you, my goodness, you are looking positively luminous! Barbecue under the twinkly lights and a night in your gypsy hut sounds divine :)

Ooooh, and giddy for kitties!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful you! And wow, what weather. Until a few days ago, it was the same here. Now it's just rain, rain, rain. I feel like I temporarily move to the PNW in the winter time!

Loving that sweet outfit. Def. going to try something similar once the weather warms up a bit more. Oh, and I have to add that I kind of like that sweaty smell too!

Such sweet kitties. I was playing with Alice in the hay stacks this morning, and nearly teared up with just how cute she is (and how much she lightened my grouchy mood). Never was a cat person until she came along. If I could cuddle Billy and wee Fern through the photos, I would!

anne said…
yes! i'd love to sleep in your hut!

crazy weather for sure! it felt like summer last week. i love boots with dresses too. and did you say, "more of a sparkly mood"? i wish i had as much sparkle as you on a bad day. wait...do you have bad days? ;D hehehe

ruben got me two weeks of unlimited yoga for christmas. i cannot wait to start!

norcal camping trip? hell yes! i'll have to email you this week.
Celynne said…
I have to admit, I like most people's normal b.o. My own reminds me of my favourite uncle though, so I'm not certain I should smell like (or enjoy smelling like)a man haha... I miss the sun so much in winter. If it weren't for the fact I walk home and back over lunch, I'd not be seeing it at all except weekends. Leafy trees and bare legs seem like a world away! And your outfit is adorable! Love the dress. And the earring and necklaces you got are lovely. My mother made me a pair of partridge feather earrings with feathers from a bird my father brought down (which we then had for dinner) and I love them extra for that little story behind 'em. Be careful inviting folks over or I might just take you up on it someday :P
Anonymous said…
you are always such the vision of free spiritedness. of course your kitty pictures always reflect that too...i love the one of the ginger kitty on the red fence.

you know what i like even more than the smell of b.o.? b.o. mixed with a yummy essential oil, all warm and humaney and animaley. mmmmm.

well i certainly would like to hang in your hut and dream of sharing a beer with you in your backgyard, singing to the stars and glory of life. xo
Violet Folklore said…
Have I ever told you how much I love your messy hair? You have my favorite hair ever, I am envious of it. It always, always looks good in its chaotic beauty. So carefree and beautiful.

You're so right about this being the perfect (strange) weather for boots, bare legs, and shirt dresses. You look darling.

Ah the triangle, symbol of womb warmth and womanly creativity :-)
Andrea said…
Ms. Heather, you are quite stunning in the "gentle rays" of CA winter sunshine :) Love love your messy, beautiful hair. Quite envious that I can never pull off the long long braids.

PS: I thought this was a new kitty! He's adorable!!!
Nicky said…
yes. yes. and yes to boots and short dresses, gypsy huts, and vitamin D from God's sweet sunny rays! :D Yeah, you were bursting at the seams trying not to say you were pregnant here, huh? hahaha I can hear the joy in your voice! (I'm reading these from current to less current- why haven't I been here in a while???).

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