that lucky old sun

sunday was a blissful day. it was my mama's 60th birthday. can you believe she is sixty?! i would not stand for her feeling down about it. she is fabulous, smart, fun, happy, beautiful and in love. what better way to age?! we went to an antique fair on main street. and best of was finally cool enough to wear this gorgeous yellow gauzy billowy dress that brigit sent me last month! (you guys she sent me soooo many goodies, it was like christmas. little by little i will show off some of the pieces)

i don't even think brigit had any idea that i am completely obsessed with gauzy cotton dresses. i like them free and flowy, or belted or with boots or with sandals. they are the most versatile, gorgeous, natural pieces of clothing and i could wear one every day.

i felt like a dream. just like cel posted the other day, sometimes you just feel so GOOD in what you're wearing. and everyone smiles at you and compliments your dress and you are completely comfortable and feel a little glow spreading through your skin.
plus it was fun being with my marma, who oohs and ahhhhs over each pretty little thing and loves old things with stories just like i do.

then we met up with this little troupe, headed up by a man with a mission....

i'm sure i've told you how our young friend sylvan loves and collects antiques, particularly rotary phones and pull-chain toilets. he loves all things old; he loves old buildings, and he will immediately tell you if your house is up to safety codes and where the nearest smoke alarm is and the age of your pipes. he is the raddest/quirkiest/old-man-est child i've ever known. he charged right into this particular antique store to proudly show his grandma this vintage phone booth complete with automatic runner lights that come on when you shut yourself inside. he knows the whereabouts and origins and histories of every antique telephone in town. not kidding.

 later that night we all took my mom out to dinner at Cascada. which is usually a little fine for our kind. tis a nice place, you know? anyway, we had fun. we had drinks. we stayed until they closed, sharing a rich piece of chocolate cake they brought her and laughing and having presents and all that. and then we went across the street to the bar and had another drink. cause if anything it is FUN to be sixty.

our friend jen creates these wild and wonderful hair accessories and gifted one to marmy who is the best person to sport one of your creations; believe me every library lady will now be wanting one of these pups!
and i have to say, that's one hip mama.

so that's about it tonight loves. golden sun, lots of big plans coming up, a couple days off work, joey and emily are moving back in with us, the future looks bright. i feel like that lucky old sun who gets to roll around heaven all day.

yellow dress: vintage, cotton, gorgeous gift from brigit of bellisimama
belt: handmade, 50 cents (yep!) at the halloween sale local thrift store
sandals: mexican, 1.50 at the local thrift store
white cotton slip: thrifted ages ago
white feather earrings: from etsy


Teeny said…
Ahhhh you look so pretty in yellow! Can't wait to see what the rest of Brigit's parcel yields! I went thrifting with my mum just last weekend; it was so much fun, and i agree with you, i think 60 must be a great age - i'm sure i love and appreciate my own ma alot more now than ever before. And she seems like a much wiser woman now my ole lady. Sylvan...great name, cool kid.
Amanda said…
Your mama makes sixty look so good!
Celynne said…
My mother's 50th was on Saturday, guess it was a weekend for mama-birthdays. That yellow dress looks wonderful on you! Such a bright cheery colour too, makes it all the better to wear. I love birthdays and such as a good excuse to go somewhere swanky every once in a while.
Milla said…
Your happy beautiful mama has your smile! Or the other way around. You guys are such a gorgeous family, bringing so much merriment into the world. You lucky Sun, brand new and light each morning...
i knew that sunshiney dress was meant for you. you look perfect in it, like the ray of sunshine you are.
Nicky said…
Totally gorgeous! I felt like I was right there with you smiling and getting compliments! I so know what you mean about just "feeling" good wearing a certain outfit- and yes, others totally feel that energy too! You look seriously incredible in that dress- especially the last shot by the tree and the one of you sitting with the sun behind you and fantastic belt! C-uute! Happy birthday to your Mama, sounds like a fun way to spend a birthday!
ZombieLace said…
Your blog (and I presume life) are so full of beautiful charming surroundings and people and clothes. It's a pleasure to have this little glimpse :)
Elisheva said…
Oh beautiful radiant yellow, and very radiant Mama too!!!!!
And Oooohs and Ahhhs to that pink typewriter too. What a happy smiles you all sport.
Your writing is a smile in itself, all curved at the edges, full of colorful kindness and just beautiful x E
Amy Beatty said…
glowing golden goddess!!! sounds like nana had a perfect birthday. that pink typewriter!!! i can't help but wonder how much it was going for since as of now that is jaroms and matts favorite find when we hit up the thrift stores. Love that sylvan came and had a ball. I would have had a ball just being with him there. My kind of entertainment.
AdieSpringB said…
Marma looks great! Looks like a golden birthday indeed, I wish I could have gone to cascada with yalls.
Missa said…
You do indeed look divine in your sunny yellow dress :)

Happy belated birthday to your lovely marm, mine turned 60 this summer too! So many birthdays happening these days! One of my sisters is today :)

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