mikie loves his birthday-cake theatrics. it takes him a long time to think up a wish, so long that it was very difficult for little sylvan to refrain from blowing out the damn candles, already!

one thing i love about the siblings in my family is we all share friends. when mikie comes all the way from LA to have a party with his chums, all we have to do is invite everyone we would normally invite. we're lucky that our little town hosts such an incredible group of folks that wouldn't dream of being too embarrassed to get down and dorky. like ashley here.
and of course, the illustrious jamie vancamp. he and mikie have been bosom buddies for years upon years. jamie once made a documentary about migs called "beattyland" and i really want to dig it up, cause it's incredibly hilarious.
inevitably, every party turns into a dance party.
"you can dance if you want to, you can leave the world behind! cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they' friends of mine."
a little watcher from the stairs.
pops even hung out till two a.m. to drive us home! he participated in philosophical conversations while sipping his ginger ale.
 i've said it before and i'll say it again, what a rad dad we have.

i'll leave you with a few extra ridiculous ones. here's em, jamie and stan singing a rousing round of "rose, rose, rose, rose" in the kitchen.
and addie and i being our truest dorkiest selves!


Amy Beatty said…
Love that the party was at Adies. What a fun jolly party. Happy Birthday Mikie! xo
Milla said…
I love that last picture!

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