Orion the Hunter

happy birthday oey!

this is orion....
my handsome and amazing nephew and today he is 3 years old, making march 13 a very important day forever and ever. if you want to read about his awesome birth story go here.

and i just want to point out that he loves to brandish a sword, swords of all types:
knows just how to stash it:
his grandpa lowell even made him one out of wood:
and he's even been known to create makeshift swords out of plastic straws, shields out of cup lids:
cause he's crafty like that.

so he is really taking after his namesake, the constellation orion the hunter whose belt holds a sword consisting of the stars trapezium and the orion nebula.
sometimes i get the feeling this kid is so special and his magical presence so vital that he is gearing up for some unforseeable greatness. or maybe i'm just biased. but i think he is a gentle warrior in the making, the kind of real hero that our earth will need in the sometimes daunting future.

the big orion was formed over a million years ago and will last another 1-2 million years.
maybe this reflects oey's grand adventurous spirit full of light.

and i am so lucky to be his aunt and get to watch him glow.

sending huge bushels of love across the miles to our sweet and kissable oey!


Andrea said…
what a cutie he is!! being the cool aunt is fun, isn't it?
Amy Beatty said…
I love love that rag muffin. Such great pictures Heather. You really captured his love for swords and the outdoors. Grandma Eileen loves to call him a "Fiery hunter" in her bold exaggerated grandma demanding way. He sure is. Orion is a lover. Matt was asking just today why Orion was different ( he is just now noticing). I babysat a little boy the other day who is just 2 months older than O and he was such a little man, grown up in actions and words. It was startling. Made me see how far behind Oey just might be but at the same time O is just so full of love for playing, the outdoors and imagining that I just can't get myself to worry or really care. But just be dang proud of my weird guy. Thanks for posting this love!! XOXOXOXO
mooncowboy said…
He is a sweet little weirdo, but that helps us love him so! His energy is second to none (well, except maybe to Jarom).
Aloha Soleil said…
Otanjoubi Omedetou little darling. The first photo is tops adorable :)

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