things to see and do along the northern coast of california

here we are, heather and darin:
presenting our list of things to do and see on a fun and invigorating road trip up the coast of northern california.

to see:
beautiful sea-fertile gardens in point reyes station.

our friend evan's gripping one-man play, Don't Feel: The Death of Dahmer in san francisco.
(sorry, its run is over now but check out other rad art events at mama calizo's voice factory theater)

weird flotsam and jetsam from the sea.

including a fish head.

beautiful stripey beach plants (what is this craziness?) growing all along the road.

a tsunami warning.
(which we kind of ignored...)

extra large waves, tsunami-induced.

 wild elk grazing in the afternoon sunlight

a banana slug crossing the path

and our friend jorden licking that banana slug.

people taking the "perilous plunge" in eureka into the ice cold morning water of the bay to benefit the discovery museum.

flocks of seagulls rising from the shoreline,

and fungus growing on a chair in an abandoned lumber mill.

and now, here are some things to do.

find a nice motel room to stay in,


jump-rope in said motel rooms.

stop for yummy mexican treats along the road through boonville.

have a picnic with friends near prairie creek redwoods.

and take a hike on a redwood trail.
where you might explore an old tree cave.

 "take only photographs, leave only footprints"

snuggle on the beach.

have homemade vegetarian chili in our friend lou's kitchen in blue lake.

walk down to the taproom to sample fresh, cheap brews.


where you can hang out with friends in the abnormally perfect climate of blue lake and eat the free popcorn with delicious seasonings such as garlic salt and nutrional yeast.

and watch really cute ragamuffin kids play on the giant checkerboard.

then go to a show at the old Logger bar.

if you're in the band, you'll get two "pints" on the house. (biggest pints we've ever seen, thanks brenda)

and rock out and dance into the wee hours of the morning with those dell' arte students who seriously know how to party.

if you do all these things and more, we promise you will have an unforgettable experience!
oh, and one more thing. invite us to come with you.


Andrea said…
such lovely photos of your coastal trip! The diversity of CA never ceases to amaze me and its gots lots of great old souls like you and your crew there :) seems like it was an amazing time!

For some reason my comment on your nana got deleted I think. but i said how lovely she looked, how luck you are to have her & how much I love looking & have old family photos shared!
thank you so much andrea. i am obsessed with old family photos and want to interview all my living elders. as for the comment, something random happened i noticed where a lot of old comments on my blog suddenly got deleted. i have no idea how or why. sorry! i really do cherish comments.
Missa said…
Fun, fun! I love the snuggle on the beach photo :) I really need to plan some day trips... Point Reyes, the redwoods... they're so close and it's been too long!
Milla said…
This looks like the funnest trip evah! Lucky ducky.
ps. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. One of the things I really like about your blog is that you post really unpretentious shots.
boots said…
wow it looks like you guys had a hell of a time. I have a friend that ate a banana slug when she was a little one. HAHA. i cant wait for spring so i can go on some hikes!!!!

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