on a good day, you can feel my love for you...

yesterday was a good day...

i worked at the bookery.
in my "country daycare teacher" outfit....

with a dorky frolicsome mood up my sleeve.

i had many visitors as i cleaned books in my cozy spot by the sci fi section.

especially these beauties!
it was my first time meeting my friend ruebi's baby nico. he is even more beautiful and sturdy and glowing in real life than in this photo. she dresses him in big chunky old fashioned sweaters that she calls "orphan" clothes.
he is warm and rosy cheeked and smiley, the perfect baby.
they were fresh from being snowed in and without power up at addie's house in the mountains.
good-natured and adventurous about it all, they sort of loved it.  

another set of visitors were my mom and her boyfriend jack. they are getting a new place together and consolidating and narrowing down their things.
so she gifted me her whole collection of tasha tudor books!
plus it just so happened that right before she came in with her books, i had finally laid my hands upon this one (my favorite) that amber posted about so wonderfully a while back.

marma also gave me a bunch of old old children's books, slightly tattered, but oh-so-lovely.
and some ladies magazines from the 1950s.

then i spent the evening like this:
sharing pitchers of pale ale and boysenberry at the local brewery, hearing stories and laughing our asses off.

i felt like inviting the whole world into my heart.
these hills are soooo soooo green and my plum tree is blossoming just like milla's.
i hope that means we'll have fruit again this year.
i am full of a rambunctious energy.
despite the storms, i think maybe in spirit spring is really here!

teddy bear vest: thrifted $.50
navy blue blouse: free store at the catholic church
skirt: thrifted years ago
tights ?, boots: gift from my pops years ago


Teeny said…
you're a true delight you know! Make some plum jam this year...but don't use too much sugar if you like the jam a bit tart (like i do anyway). Sooooooooo very good.
ha! my post today is in the same spirit! spring is here!! woooooo! i love your daycare teacher outfit. what a sweet little sweater. i wish i worked at book store!! i hope this mood continues for us! happy spring!
Amy Beatty said…
I would be in a good mood if I had a teddy bear vest :) I can't believe NICO came to visit you. Cutest little lad ever. Love that photo of Joey. I love and miss my little family of the hills.
ashley said…
That vest is killinggg meee! So sweet as pie it is! Love that you described it as country daycare teacher outfit (and doubly love the wag of the finger pose! Ha!) These rains are warm, at least, so spring is truly here. Wishin I was sharing some pints with ya'll! Next time?
Milla said…
Aw my Goddess! Your momma rocks! (Of course she does. I hope meet her on my next, less whirlwind-y excursion.) Tasha Tudor! That's amazing. I can so see you as a latter-day-cool-beer-drinking Tasha. Darin would have a white mustache ;)
Yeay for spring! Plum blossoms! Gardens! Mayhem! Love!
anne said…
oh you lucky duck! all those tasha tudor books! i want to live in her books. she is such a fascinating woman!
love the country daycare teacher outfit! the polka dot shirt is adorable.
i have that same skirt by the way :D
Andrea said…
you're too cute-- I love this outfit and your jolly mood!
whoa! I know her. But I dont know how. Where do I know her from. Wait! I think I remember seeing her on the freeway on a new years eve. the freeway was at a hault cuz of a flood and we all spent a cozy 6 hours together.was that her. dang.anywho! you look so darling in your sweater, so cute!
Missa said…
You are DROP DEAD ADORABLE, with your "country daycare teacher" outfit and your rambunctious energy!

Congrats to your mom and her beau on the impending cohabitation! Congrats to you on your new Tasha Tudor collection, so cool!
Courtney said…
Your braids are positively adorable! And I'm not sure I've seen a baby with a brighter glow - his momma is utterly radiant as well, I can see it runs in the family!
Kate said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kate said…
* This looks like a very fun day!
Violet Folklore said…
I think that, perhaps, spring lives in your spirit more strongly than in others'.

SCORE on the Tasha Tudor books! Please tell me you will share them with a beloved child.

And score on having one less person in the house??

You couldn't have titled your outfit any better :-)

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