All the World is Green

aimless and afoot in the green, green world on st. patrick's day...
we took a little jaunt through the rolling green hills south of here toward amador county,
which are haunted by spirits of angry miners, fire and ghost and hangin tree, and the mad lust for gold.
the trees, the rocks and cliffs and manzanita, all so alive here and full of mystery.

down to the county line where the river has swollen into a massive crashing swirling wildwoman,
all muddy earthy green, gnashing her teeth and rolling her hips.

i like to wear green in all its glorious i threw them all on,
like a forest vagabond.

down by the river everything has come alive, new growth popping out on every branch...

tiny succulents in the dripping springs below overhanging rocks,
soft and comfy in their bed of moss.

we went in search of nooks and crannies, wildflowers, mushrooms, antler and bone.

i could stay here all day, on this big oak branch carpeted in the softest green, looking out across the river and swinging my legs. i want to be an owl, or a caterpillar.

in the hollows of these roots, i imagine tiny creatures hide out, make supper, read a book, chit chat about the weather. maybe they're fairies, finches or mice.

i could live in a tree, build a fort with my love, gather acorns and honey and sleep under the stars.

tiny new wildflowers are springing up all along this verdant path.

"he's balancing a diamond on a blade of grass,
the dew will settle on our graves when all the world is green."
greenery on me:
headscarf: thrifted
green "leprachaun needed" tee (so dorky!): target about 12 years ago
green prairie skirt: vintage shop in santa cruz years ago
boots: clearance from delia's years ago
colorful crochet shawl: gift from milla!


Claire said…
It looks like you had the perfect St. Patrick's day. Your descriptions of nature were so visceral and tangible. I love your writing :)
aw, sweet girl. you are straight out of a fairy tale. have you ever seen Brian Froud's book Faeries? if you somehow haven't, you really must. it's the coolest book ever!
i love seeing the countryside where you live, it reminds me of where i grew up, and i miss oak trees. love!
Sadie Rose said…
girl, i totally have the exact same boots from many years ago....probably the exact same sale! i wear them so much - best $20 i ever spent.
Missa said…
Awww, what an adorable woodland nymph you are! I know I always say this, but Heather, your gift for stream of consciousness description always blows me away. I especially loved how you described the river here.

What a perfect way to celebrate GREEN on St. Patty's Day!

That last photo... the shawl and the skirt... just too amazing!
Nicky said…
What a fantastic jaunt you and your beau went on! I'm loving that fern shot at the top and all the green mossy ones to follow. Your descriptions make ME wanna curl up on a mossy log and peer out over nature! Happy green day to ya! Love your woodland outfit too, perfectly patched together and green! I always wear the holiday colors- it's too fun to pass up!!! :D
Teeny said…
When we go on our bushwalks we stop to pat the moss. Moss I believe is a wise, sage little plant...and I have never seen such tiny little succulents! Your shawl is so very pretty as are you, perfectly set in the bush as a effervescent green wood sprite.
Milla said…
You just keep being exactly the happy-go-lucky woodland, foothill, river nymph (or sylph?!) you are. Your post always put a smile on my face, and I have no doubt, a million more all over this wondrous earth. Oh the greenery! Charlie and I agreed that next time(!) we come, there ought to be a lot more hiking and swimming in rivers, if only to counter balance the drunken shenanigans. It's been a definite spring here, but the first week or so back it was weird: we had experienced the California spring and travelled back in time to winter. Now that spring is finally here, I can't wait for our many walks and adventures around these hills. You guys look so sweet and glorious among your natural world, it's so inspiring..
Violet Folklore said…
Ah! This is so beautiful and inspiring. Those wee mushrooms are makin' me ol' heart go a'pitterpatterin'. and I think that you are definitely right about what takes place beneath those tree roots :-)
Amy Beatty said…
Oh my mercy!!! You are freaking ADORB!!! And all that lovely lush green. That is my dream land!
Cel said…
Green, green, green! Ah, such lovely photos of bright green growing things and sprouting life. I can't wait for it to be this way again here too!

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