the romance of spring

spring equinox is a time of new fire,
the light and dark are in perfect balance today,
and now light is growing.

last night there was an enormous full moon, but here it was too cloudy and stormy to see anything
but a misty nighttime world aglow with ghostly light. could you see it? i left my bootprints in the slushy snow.

 i wanted to do a ritual for the beginning of spring but it snowed and rained all day. the snow flattened the new daffodils and now it has melted and they are still bright and yellow but sleeping on the ground. 

my book says that "the reason behind all of our magic - the rituals, observances, meditations, and spellwork - is to constantly remind us that we are a factor in the larger scheme of things. Anything we do on an individual level affects the whole."
 i think of replanting the earth, caring for animal friends, weaving love into daily tasks.

i didn't take any photographs today; all of these are from the last few days when the sun was shining and i could see spring's renewal at work.  but tomorrow i will go outside to bury my compost, like seeds in the earth, to make the soil rich and to give my part to that wonderful cycle of return. over the next few weeks i hope to gather honeysuckle, oakmoss, dogwood, crocus, lavender, thyme, rose hips, and daffodils to work some springtime magic as the sun gains momentum.

i feel romantic as late winter turns into spring, like a victorian lady with a house to keep and spring cleaning to do, rugs to beat and knickers to air, or a jane austen character with fields to tromp through in the rain.
i don't even mind if my hem gets a little dirty.

yesterday i put on all shades of rose and wore these tiny rosette earrings gifted to me from rachel.

this skirt was made by my mom in the 70s and is the softest calico and velveteen. there is a matching vest somewhere, maybe in my mom's old cedar chest. over the years she has probably given me every article of clothing that she happened to keep from the 60s and 70s and i have worn them again and again since high school. going through her old treasures is one of my joys in life.
this time, i also borrowed her jewelry :)


i like to think of my handsome little cat as belonging to the world of fairies, or whatever magic exists under the surface of life. he sees things everywhere, alert and attentive to invisible spirits,
a frolicsome guardian.  

"keep your eye on the bunny and the bird..."
i'm daydreaming of the fairy world, the way that opal knew, and the old green man's face etched in the bark of the trees. i think i want to write a tree song for these hills. 

white blouse: thrifted for me years ago by addie in sebastopol
vest: thrifted $1.50
rosette earrings: gift from rachel
necklaces: my mom's
silk flower brooch: found on an old hat
shoes: thrifted $4
socks: target, years ago
skirt: made by marmy in the 70s
bodysuit: thrifted $1.50

fairy pictures: taken from this book gifted to me from missa


Sadie Rose said…
i love this post! you are the sweetest springtime fairy i've seen yet.
Missa said…
I'd like to weave some serious love for this outfit into this here comment! So gorgeous you are with your long soft curls and these dusty peachy pink hues. THAT SKIRT!!! Your marmy had some skills, that skirt is BEAUIFUL, what a treasure. You are utterly embodying the romance of spring here and I love seeing so many of the blooms that are bursting around here too. I saw so many lovely magnolia trees in bloom today while out and about. The fairy illustrations from that book fit in so perfectly with all this spring goodness too. Oh, I just can't wait until all this stormy business is overrrrr. I want sunshine and flowers and bare feet in my life!
you sweet thing, you. what an outfit! such a 70's back to the land earth mama 'fit. love it.
so ready for spring, too! happy equinox!
I finally got my mom to give me her beautiful cotton prom dress from the mid-seventies! it's a dusty white with some lovely mexican embroidery. I don't think I can quite pull off the ankle-length look the way you can though, so I think I'll be hemming it into a sweet little sundress!
Claire said…
Happy Spring, love!
Ms. Habit said…
I so love that you say you feel "romantic" in Spring approaching. So do I! Your skirt and curls are so beautiful. Love all the blooming insights you thread throughout the post, and those lovely little fairy creatures too. What an enchanting little space to visit.
Amy Beatty said…
Sexy, romantic spring time!!! Beautiful bedroom, wild bright flowers and one lovey Heather!! Darin is a lucky fellow. Spring is here and I love it!!!! I'm right there with you - with wanting to spring clean and plant to my hearts content. xoxo
ashley said…
there you go, stirring my spring-thirsting soul again...i love how renewing this time of year feels. everything is so crispy fresh and bright, including you, my dusty rose! thanks for this beautiful and magical post!
Heidi Ann said…
Love your outfit, Heather! And your bed looks so pretty!
NikkNaks said…
You look wonderful! Your are so lucky your mom kept her old clothes. My mom only has one or two pieces, and they're teeny tiny. Boo!
Sailor Purrs said…
Beauty all around: clothes, cat, bedroom. And your hair is so pretty!
Andrea said…
We are in full spring here (ha ha)! I did indeed see the full moon the other night... our family gathered at the farm, had ourselves some food cooked right on the fire and waited for it to rise. It was lovely! Just before all the moonlight came we spotted something glowing and yellow in the water... and came to learn that there is a baby gator living on the property in one of its many little ponds. It was a cool night :)
Teeny said…
The moon was so bright our night was lighter than our morning! when there is a full moon I always think about my blogger friends on the other side of the world, miles away but connected through humanity. The big moon frightened me though, i slept in my little girl's bed to keep her and her brother safe. Our leaves are turning red different to your flora.
Enjoy the spring, little sprite.
Milla said…
Oh blooms! My plum tree is blooming, and crocuses and daffodils are coming up. Such joy! You are such a beautiful bloom yourself, lounging about in your moms old skirt. A fairy, a naif, a springtime waif! Oh and do bust out that matching vest, while you're at it. Big, flower-petal scented hug my love.
Violet Folklore said…
We need to talk about Opal next time we're together...

You are so lucky that your mama saved her old clothes! That skirt is heaven and, as always, you look beautiful. Please do document your springtime herb walks! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous illustrations. Oh, and that quote about magic is absolutely perfect. Thanks :-)

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