brotherly love, or migsy mami!

this is my brother mikie.
the one who is so insanely fun to hang out with that your chest explodes from laughing.

i am not kidding when i say he is PURE ENERGY. ALL THE TIME.
i indeed have three brothers and one sister; yes it's a big family of sibs and YES we're very close.
and of course you probaly noticed in my last post cause i'm way nostalgic...i did grow up mormon.
b, yes you're right.  
i'm so not anymore but i still have a lot of respect and love, we can talk about it sometime if you'd like.

when mikie was here visiting over the weekend, he did some modeling for my etsy shop.
he works for disney (if you have kids maybe you've seen him) and...
as you can see, he is very comfortable in front of the camera.

you guys.
if you have to ever deal with getting models for modeling or clothes or vintage stuff or anything at all, you know what i'm talking about. models are tricky. hooking it up, styling the clothes, getting the poses, etc. guess what? my brother mikie rules at all of it. 
he is so comfortable, so hilarious, so utterly sure of this ridiculous 80s vintage aesthetic...
HurlyBurly anyone? 

addie did some modeling too.

i never thought of doing a photo shoot in a bathroom, this was mikie's brilliant idea.
he was modeling some 60's pajamas for me...voila!
it makes perfect sense and addie's bathroom's wood paneling was just right.

he liked this next sweater and shirt so much i let him keep them
i am proud to have my cinematic and creative and crazy-fun brother gallivanting around the big city in moonshinejunkyard vintage!

thanks migs.
i miss you so much already.


Holly said…
Your brother is cute, I love that pyjama shot in the bathroom!
Milla said…
Hahahahaha! Your brother is totally adorable. It seems that all the Beatty Clan have been blessed with a very infectious smile from birth.
HA! i have seen him! what a fun guy. nice butt.

my best friend became a mormon for a few years in the early nineties, and i totally went to a bunch of mormon dances and parties with her during her brief foray into it. so funny, i bet that was right around the time you were playing charades in your velvet dress at a mormon party.
Claire said…
Ditto what Brigit said. ;)
Ms. Habit said…
the bathroom shots, and him in those Pjs are classic. He is SO cute!
Missa said…
I want to pinch that boy's cheeks! All you Beatty kids are so full spunk and flair, I just love knowing that a family like yours exists :)
sanya said…
this is so funny because i saw a disney thing the other day and im like wow that guy looks really familiar and then he said his name and i googled him thinking i swear he looks exactly like your brother and then this post! so weird but i love it!
Violet Folklore said…
Aww this is so great! And Mikie is obviously this way because he grew up with YOU guys as sisters! I'm glad you posted those links, I've always wanted to check him out in action!

Those bathroom shots are totally awesome, it's amazing to see an indoor shoot work so well.

Love ya.
Amy Beatty said…
These are so cute of Mikie!! Love the butt shot :)
Mikau said…
dude. Heather this is awesome, how is it that I'm only NOW finding these pictures.

Sanya, aye that is me but they spell my name differently.

I miss you Heather!! I need more Etsy modeling, asap

love yoou

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