could spend a hundred years adoring you

when you have a new dress, everything is magical.
i ordered myself this pretty gunne from the lovely etsy shop laiet for a wonderfully reasonable price.
i already have a similar one but addie has been borrowing it for the last couple years and i don't really have the heart to wrench it away. so i got myself a new dress, and i am in love.
like brigit wrote, this is the outfit i could wear forever.
it makes me feel me.

so i drove up the hill (listening to miss magical herself, joanna's glorious album from last spring which feels perfect for this time of year) to go to the thrift stores in camino and pollock pines.
at snowline hospice i filled my arms with 4 bright cushions in orange, patchwork blue, teal green and bold ruby red, with the notion to redecorate my living room. i saw an old friend with his two little beautiful daughters and it started snowing outside. my heart was singing as i made my way up to addie's house.

i knew i couldn't stay long in her winter wonderland. 

just a dash and a twirl in the snow in my admittedly wintry dress.

addie had been running on her treadmill.
took a break to have a cup of coffee with me in her cozy kitchen.

i left her to work on her homework in her cozy ship house as i headed back into the blizzard to try to make my way home, a wayward snowbound pirate.

after a very scary, very slow drive following the snow plough for 10 miles, i made it back down to our rainy hills and got off the freeway and away from crazy drivers. meandered instead through the wineries and freshly blossoming apple trees of the farms of apple hill.

and look who i happened upon grazing in a foresty herd:

they seem like remnants from long ago,
with their rugged handsome faces, big shaggy coats, fur encrusted with moss and weeds.

geese were landing and preening on the pond,
castaways from their journey's reverie.

with misty breath, by the winding road, water shaking from my hair and the sound of goats and geese,
i felt the memories of what seems like a hundred years of rambles through these hills.
like stopping at the old pear orchard that is gone now, for a midnight talk with my old friend nate.
18 years old and full of wild whisperings of things to come.
memories have been flooding my soul this early spring, it happens when you return again and again to haunt your old haunts.

 the smell of woodsmoke and wet barns,
a leaning ladder, a rowboat perched along the shore,
the quiet plop of jumping fish.

back at home, darin and joey and emily were recording music.
the night rolled along and we gathered together for stories and ridiculous laughter. we watched the first edit of the next part of epic dust (so good, so exciting!) and stan and jamie and lesley came, bringing homemade beer, and we played balderdash.
oodalally what a day!

in my new dress, with the rain and wind, these crazy endless early spring storms...
i feel young and old. cozy, serene, and wild at once.

gunne dress: vintage, etsy
white shawl: thrifted last year
pouch necklace: gift from milla
amber necklace: gift from jocelyn
green scarf: i've had forever, maybe it was my mom's?
white underskirt: thrifted last year $1.50
boots: thrifted a long time ago
moonstone ring: gift from sara
sage green ring: gift from claire


DUCKY said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claire said…
Oh, I love this whole post so much. You are such a magical woman and you express yourself with such beauty and depth.

You look beautiful all over (what a dress!) and I am so happy to see you wearing the ring. It was handmade by an artist in Seattle who I met at an art fair. The green stone inside is jade :) There's a really wonderful page on the properties of Jade here:

I'm happy to see that Addie is alive up there, and not buried under schoolwork and snow. I hope she's having fun with it all. You seem to be having tons of fun yourself- your friends seem awesome.

Lots of love,
Kelsie Lynn said…
You look absolutely divine! you and that dress are absolutely divine.
wow, what a dress!! it is so you! and i love that crochet shrug/shawl thingy. i am a sucker for any and all crochet. i'm feeling decidely cranky and i wanna play balderdash and drink beer with grown ups and not be sitting here getting banana wiped on my arm by my son who seems to think i am his napkin. you have the sweetest little mischievious (how the eff do you spell that???) smile.
Kate said…
very cute dress. Everything is soo much more fun when you are wearing a special outfit :)
Amy Beatty said…
Heather - why, oh why?! I can't bear this cuteness. That DRESS!! and YOU in it - is completely amazing and I'm brimming over with jealousy. I love all its charm, lace and buttons, and what is that cute white border on the bottom? It is the most perfect dress I have ever seen and it looks as though it was made for you!!! Those cute little furry friends looked like they just walked out of a storybook. What a fabulous full day xoxoxo
Violet Folklore said…
You are a darling love button and I quite love you.
That dress is perfect! Is the one Adie has the one she wore on our day? This reminds me a lot of that- so intricate and exquisite, yet totally everyday wearable. And are those the same sweat pants she wore on the trip to Utah? :-)

What a wonderful day. You are a magician when it comes to finding the glory and magic in things, and to making your friends feel the same way (even via the internet).

Those goats are totally rocking my world.
Nicky said…
This is so fantastic! If I could search for days for Heather fabric and trim, and sew it carefull til my fingers were sore, it wouldn't even be as befitting as this gorgeous number on you! I love it in the snow. I love it with mossy 4 legged friends. I love it for an evening of singing with friends! LOVE it :D hehe. Too stinkin' cute! Happy Thursday lil' lady!!!
Milla said…
You look amazing! I remember that shawl and how lovely it looked over the weekend and am in awe of it. What a beautiful dress. Those buttons are little roses, ha? It's the same model dress that Missa and I both have, in different patterns.

I love Addie's snow drifted house, even if she herself is a little bit frustrated with it. Being able to see it in person in its snowy glory and then descending onto the orange groves is one of my fondest memories of our trip.
ruby said…
I am so envious even though I know that's not really becoming, but your dress is adorable, I gave a big gasp when I saw it, I am truly in love and too want a dress to frolick in the snow in whilst humming "the hills are alive with the sound of music", it realy does suit you x
Miss Claire said…
Reading your blog fills me with exciting, magical and inspired feelings! You really are a special girl, and your ability to communicate your experiences through your words is amazing. Thank you for doing so!

I love your new dress, it looks like it was made for you :)

Xox Love from Australia!

Andrea said…
What a joyful post? I always know when I come here... I'll see some great fashion and get more acquainted with west coast landscapes and dreamscapes :) I think the relationship between you and your sister is so wonderful!!! My sister and I are very far in age. Are you and Addie close in age? I think its every girls dream to be best friends with their sis. Love it!
Teeny said…
I love reading your story posts is as if I'm reading a real life fairytale. The kind of fairytale i like to read over and over again. And isn't Laiet's shop wonderful!
Missa said…
How did I not comment on this?!?!

That is truly one of the most gorgeous gunnes I have ever seen and such a dream on you, like it was made to be worn by you alone.

It is the same model as the ones Milla and I have, isn't it, we'll all have to wear them next time we're together!

You really really are the queen of the shawl, somehow they always look just right and extra special on you. When I think of the quintessential Heather outfit, there is most definitely a pretty crocheted shawl involved!
jada said…
Just lovely.

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