epiphany feast

last night we got together with our sweet friends to have an epiphany feast.
this is the first year i've ever heard of Twelfth Night - january 6th - or three kings' day, the day that the legend has it the three wisemen showed up to pay their respects to the baby jesus.

i am so glad to have come into this knowledge because i got to keep my christmas decorations up for a few extra days this year, and the holiday festivities have continued for the whole first week of the new year and we get to start new traditions.
it was really good to be together and be grateful for our lives and friendships and abundance.

everyone brought the most delicious homemade seasonal dishes. stan made several loaves of fresh bread from his own homemade yeast starters. ash and eric made the colorful carrot mint soup above, seasoned with my favorite spice: cumin! lesley made an indian rice pilao sprinkled with raw coconut and almonds. we brought mixed chard and kale with butter, onions and garlic; grayson made goat cheese pizza; joey made a vegetarian stew: are you hungry yet?!

i also wanted to show a few little tidbits from around stan and lesley's adorable house.
lately les and i have been talking about living styles and spaces, scandinavian simplicity and charm, tasha tudor, the selby, all that good stuff.

her home style represents all the sweet things about her.
she makes her own miniature felted creatures and adds touches of nature and colors of the earth in every nook and cranny.

stan put together this memory board for lesley for christmas.

plus their house has all the old-fashioned architectural touches of long ago.
like these gorgeous decorative tin wall panels.

we got to feel the baby doing a little jig in becky's beautiful belly.

and the boys played a rousing game of "ninja"...not sure how exactly it works but i guess it's a guy thing.

and a pretty little kitty showed up at the front stoop in need of some love and food.
lesley was in heaven; we want to call her "epiphany luna."

drinks, toasts, conversations, plans, dreams, love abounding...
hope you're all having a delightful entry into this new year.


Cel said…
Hah, I love that you caught your reflection when photographing those cacti. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)
Amy Beatty said…
Fun. I feel as though I got the grand tour of s and l cute little place. I was wondering from the very start where it was at. I love homes and seeing glimpses into others. What a fun cozy time. Cute kitty. Wonder if he could sense the cat lovers or was just as in luck as the cat lovers.
Milla said…
I love that name, everyone should have an "epiphany feast" every once in a while, eh? You're extending Christmas to its old, glorious length! A bran new old tradition is always a good thing.

Lately I've been musing a lot on the interior space too, and it's really fun to see what others are doing, especially folk with such obvious good taste ;)

Tasha Tudor. Enough said. Now that's a dream to work towards. Maybe when we're very old...
Courtney said…
What a fun celebration. My dad's side of the family celebrates Russian Orthodox x-mas which is on January 7th. I used to really love it as a kid - getting to have a second big celebration was the best!
Missa said…
Lovely evening, lovely feast, lovely people, lovely home! Kitties, and bellies, and ninjas... oh my.
Claire said…
Looks like a lovely feast day. I forgot about three kings day, and forgot to make the bread with the little baby toy hidden inside. Instead I did 133 algebra problems for homework. Oh, well ;)
Nicky said…
You really have the most romantic and cozy get togethers with friends! I love seeing these posts! Your friend's house looks adorable! I've been really trying to figure out what to put in our house to represent "us" a little more. I love taking pictures and want to enlarge some of them... but pictures of what to put in our family room and dining room?! I've been stumped for some time- hmph! We live in a 1928 bungalow/craftsman style home and try to keep the decor a little time period appropriate :D Time to flip through some more magazines!!!
Those little felty mushrooms are super cute by the way :D
Teenysparkles said…
The Epiphany...funnily enough I think I learnt about this in my childhood tutelage...my mother was a staunch Catholic and I'm sure they used to mention it way back when I used to go to church (like 25 years ago!) THANKS for putting me onto The Selby...I hadn't heard of it before, oh my oh my!!!! Living space goodness abounds.

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