Colors - pt 2.5 winter whites / winter light

the color that day was white
and i liked how it bounced back that cold luminescent winter light.
plus, nothing like a chance to indulge my other two favorites so far in 2011 (well....forever...):
flouncy twirly skirts and gypsy carnivale style.

by checking my little witchy daybook, i see that this was the day that darin and i got a used smiths album which we've been listening to nonstop ever since, ate nachos at dos coyotes, and then went to see True Grit which made me feel like taking off on horseback across the forests and prairies and sleeping in a cave or a coffin.

i had thrifted these vintage acme cowgirl boots the day before.
i was going to sell them in my shop but they were just too damn comfortable.
so i am switching them out for one of my older pairs and taking these to the streets!

all kindsa jewelry.

i promise a more interesting post soon!
there's a lot of way better stuff going on than my outfits, but for now i don't have the heart to skip these color-oriented shots i took. although i do have to get this color-by-the-day thing in hand, before i let my superstitions get the best of me and fall into anxiety about me wearing the wrong color causing the world to end.

for now i still kinda like thinking (within reason...let's hope...) that my clothing corresponds to some ethereal energy of each day. white is for love, friendship, reconciliation, and beauty...corresponds with fridays.
i can hang with that.

white sweater vest top: my mom's from the 60s
white thermal top: (so thin and soft) vintage thrifted years ago
white twirly layers skirt: came from ruebi years ago
blue scarf: gifted from milla
blue prayer beads: giveaway prize from sadie
crescent moon shrinky dink pendant: made by darin
other necklaces: thrifted
white feather earrings: made by em, a christmas gift
vintage acme cowboy boots: thrifted, $12


Amy Beatty said…
Yes! I get to leave the first comment. Which is...... It's not fair!! You look way too amazing in every single color. I need to get me one of those color books. You look just enchanting. And I'm so sad that True Grit got the cold shoulder (so I hear)from the Golden Globes?! I love that movie. I'm sure some other award show will give it some proper credit. And I love your new booties!-score. Hope you have a marvelous 3 day weekend. xoxo
Bee said…
goddammit i love cowboy boots so much.
Celia said…
I am loving seeing all of your outfits! You always look so cute!!!!
Cel said…
Yay, flouncy skirt! Sometimes I'll reject buying a skirt simply because it isn't flouncy haha... I love things that twirl and spin. You're better than me wearing so much white though, I could never keep all that clean!
Milla said…
I love these posts dude. Nothing more interesting, than a little Heather-outfit action. You're just so creative and fun, gypsy woman. Hey I like them so much I copied one. Here's lookin at you kid.
Nicky said…
SO cute, and good for you keeping those boots- as you well should!!! As a nice young man once pointed out to me (at school) "damn girl, you workin' the hell outta them boots" hahahah! One of the nicest/ghetto-est comments I've ever gotten!!! I really wanted to wear my white skirt and cowboy boots yesterday but didn't know If I should (weather didn't really "feel like it", but look at you workin' the whole thing- I just should have!!!! :D
Claire said…
Is White a Color? by John Matthew
White, pristine, unblemished
They say it is not a color
I love white mists, clouds
Lingering on blue mountains.

The rest of the poem meanders but I like that bit :) You look very lovely in white, my dear. Your special pretty wonderfulness is going out on Monday- get ready!
Violet Folklore said…
This is very interesting! You are a darling. Just your few words and sparkly smile are all I need for my Moonshine Junkyard fix, any day.
Missa said…
How lovely you are in your winter whites! I adore your gypsy flair too. Super score on those boots!

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