Paz para el Viaje

the night before i left for my little road trip with my sis, i gleefully dove into a beautiful little package from sweet andrea of Sitting in Booths. all the way from florida, a land i dream of for its swamps and birds and wooden rowboats. which she describes so romantically.
she sent me color and vitality: thrifted handmade united farm worker cards with lovely prints,
this southwestern beaded belt,

the most delectable lavender lotion she made herself, which was perfect to take along to combat the dry high dessert utah climate.

and the prettiest flowy little earth-mama clothing items
in all the rich russet-periwinkle colors of a utah sunset.

as per usual i had a little helper.
he's really just a social butterfly, doesn't like to get left out of any excitement around here.

but the next morning i kissed him, and the rest of the household good-bye, and took off with addie across the dry tumbledown state of nevada.
in my newly gifted andrea skirt, woo hoo!

i'll be back to tell you more about our frisky little rambles manana!


thats where you've been!! looking forward to hearing about it.
a perfect roadtrip ensemble!
Claire said…
Gorgeous. I was just thinking this morning about Utah, we have a friend there who gave us such a spectacular tour of Salt Lake City that we stayed an extra day. I'm such a nut for the desert I really enjoyed driving all around the state and marvelling at all the weird road exit signs that go nowhere. (Seemingly. They actually go to compounds)
Love and Kisses.
anne said…
your gifts look wonderful and your skirt is so pretty!

i love the john muir quote over on the sidebar. i was thinking earlier this week that i would like to read a biography on him. i'll have to add it to the ever growing list of books to read :D
Nicky said…
I'm feeling the beaded spirit lately- that and feathers- there's certainly something Native American-ish going on right now! Hope you have a fantastic road trip :D
ashley said…
Ohh I want to hear about your road trip! Your photos are always so lovely!
Amy Beatty said…
I know it sounds crazy, but i love that drive. Don't know if it is because of all the excitement that lays ahead or because we always seem to drive at either sunset or sunrise - sometimes both. You always look so adorable. It was sooooooooo fun to meet up with you and adie that night for never ending fun till you left. We miss you. I wish we could have more time to talk because three hour drives and staying up to 3 am every morning is not NEAR enough. Love you xoxox thank you so much for making the trek out here - p.s. it snowed all day yesterday. I know you guys wanted it but it is nice not to drive home in a storm xo
Missa said…
Oh lovely package! Andrea is such a sweetheart, and you wear that pretty skirt so well :)
Andrea said…
oh Heather! I'm so happy that you liked the items. Your writing is so poetic-- it makes me smile from ear to ear when you speak of Florida with such mystical magistry (as you know I feel it does not get the cred it deserves).

You are darling in the skirt-- that was the item that got it all started. It felt perfect for your western musings. I should say, when I found those postcards--- I thought-- these are too perfect for Heather's package, given our shared love of Latino/Latin American studies.

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