Colors- Part 1 - BROWN, or the day i discovered a castle in the woods

i've taken to wearing the color of the day assigned by my little Llewellyn's 2011 witches daybook.
it's strictly for fun, but so far i've liked my color combos and somehow each color i've worn seems to enhance the feeling of the day. makes me feel coordinated to life itself, in the flow and ready to go.
like the day i dressed in brown and found a castle with a turret and a big wooden door tucked away down a foresty road.
it's for rent.
it's not exactly a castle, just somebody's beautiful home they probably custom built for their family in the 80s and have now left for the deer and squirrels and foxes.
it sits alone, with a giant turquoise tiled bathroom in the turret, and built in bookshelves and a spiral staircase.
and i want to move in, but it's a bit too grand for us!
i took advantage of the fine foresty day for a walk in the trees.

discovering all kinds of strange wonders, like a flock of quail rising from the brush,
a broken down teepee,

tree soul mates,

a tiny boarded up house (for the evil witch? the woodsman? the gnomes?)
and a view out over the incredible canyon all the way to the mountains.

and even a withering apple orchard in front with a little woodshed.

but back at home, i did a little jig and decided i could try and be happy in my own backyard.
especially if i've got plenty of flouncy twirly skirts.

it's also good to wear a brown floral flouncy skirt for a night out for beers and tarot readings.

joey wore his fine new tribal wooly fringed jacket,
which i thought was rather dapper of him.
and art complimented my vest effusively,
which i thought quite dandy of him!
next up, i find out where turquoise, blue, and yellow can take me!

quilted jacket: thrifted years ago
orange henley: clothing swap at rebecca's
crocheted vest: thrifted at snowline
flouncy floral 90s skirt: thrifted at eco-thrift
brown tights, beanie: ?
boots: clearance from delias years ago
wood bead necklaces: gift from darin's grandma


ailsa said…
haha love the witches' hut! flouncy skirts make everthing better, especially dancing.
Amy Beatty said…
I love brown!! You made one adorable outfit. I can't believe how nice your weather is. The sun broke through our snowy clouds for a moment yesterday. Back to snowing today - which I really love since I finally have a WARM home of my very own. Love you xoxo
anne said…
cute outfit! twirly skirts are the best! and as far as i'm concerned, you can't go wrong with brown :D i love your boots. i've been on the hunt for some, no luck yet.
happy monday heather!
Cel said…
I love your boots! I've been lusting after a pair very much like that ever since I saw a dreamy lady (who incidentally reminded me of you) dancing around in a pair at a party last year. Forest wandering is so wonderful, it's too bad winter makes that a bit complicated for me. Flouncy skirts make everything better. :)
atropanocturna said…
ooh! I tried to do the colour of the day last year! It's great inspiration when you have those "nothing to wear" days. You look fantastically adorable wandering the woods and that castle is such a lovely find. Jealous!
Milla said…
Loves it! A wee castle in the woods for our little feather Heather Indian Princess! (If we become homeless maybe we can move in with you ;)I love the patchwork jacket, love it. Brown is it, so adorable. I'm into both it and red together, and maybe goldenrod. Oh your reds are just so inspiring. You are lifting my spirits on this dark day...
Teenysparkles said…
I'm already looking forward to your turquoise, blue and yellow days. It really does look like some sort of 80s role-play venue-castle!!! Pretty magical, for magical people
Celia said…
I love reading about your adventures! Your pictures are always so magical....and twirly skirts???? LOVE them!!
Violet Folklore said…
Rather dapper and quite dandy indeed!

Oh my god that castle house!

Oh my god your adorableness! I just commented on Milla's blog to bring her Tarot cards next month :-)
Kelsie Lynn said…
You look beautiful Heather! the pictures are magical.

as always, really. I cant believe there is pretty sun, no snow and weather almost suite to not wear a beanie, scarf, thermals and big jacket ha. I'm dying here!
Andrea said…
Heather--- these are gorgeous pictures! I love the soul-mate trees (as I love most and all pictures of trees). I must say I also find it quite exciting to have the days color scheme pre-determined, very cool.

PS: I have not forgot about the wee package of Heather-esque items. Its on the list of to do's this week, so be on the look out!
Anonymous said…
You are so cute! Loving your boots and your color/day theme :)
Courtney said…
What a fun little book. I love all of the beautiful browns you've found to accompany your pretty outfit. The tiny woodland house is my favorite!
Missa said…
This is the cutest outfit, love the colors, love how you rocked them, love your little slice of life posts!

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