winter finch

little random flitterings, like the birds in my yard.

tonight is a sweet show for a good cause. the boys of a rad local band are putting it on and calling it "Placerday in Valenville" along with a cd release of a collection that features much music by my friends and family.
all to benefit the center for violent-free relationships.
joey and emily will be singing their baleful harmonies.

more good stuff:
my friend mallory, who recently moved to florida, made an etsy treasury featuring placerville artisans and vintagettes. it makes me proud and it makes me love our town in spite of it all.

i gather piles of books, tarot cards, journal, pens, clipboard, magazine...and go outside.
there are birds birds birds everywhere.
sunlight comes through the bare twisty-turvy oak trees and darin tends a burn pile.

i hear frogs making their quirky calls from our lazy pond, owls hootings softly in the afternoon far away.
i wear long wispy dresses and make plans for the night.
last night i made a big pot o soup and we shared with our dear ones, jorden and becky whose baby is still not here! wish her luck and blessings my dears. she is a week overdue. but cheerful as ever.

i am readying the gypsy barrack as a springtime booknook.

and photographing shoes for my shop,
of all walks of life.
emily made us a little joint vintage venture on facebook; if you're on there come "like" us!

darin and jamie play accordion and make up songs across the house from me.
howling and making up grand entrances for the epic dust extravaganza next week!

me and the cats snuggling and reading, these quiet days full of smoke and light.

vintage red maxi dress from goodwiu vintage last year
belt thrifted, $1
bullet necklace, from sadie of Lost Boys and Lovers
mismatched feather earrings made by bridget

how are your mid february days? what's it like there?


Hello Darling,
That's one of my favorite dresses I've seen you in. You look so lovely and vibrant in it. In short sleeves, no less! I love to hear about the birdies and owls and see pictures of your cat.

It's really important to be proud of your town, and to revel in local artistry. You're a token to your community, too. They're lucky to have you.

It's terribly grey here and it's getting to me. I want sunshine and beaches, or sunshine and riverbanks. Either would do just fine.
Lots of Love,
Andrea said…
oh, how I'd love to spend some time in the gypsy den reading! your pretty red frock is so lovely and very much your color (might I add).

so far mid-february has been less productive than I would like... time to rectify and get to some of those new year resolutions pronto :)
Claire said…
Wrong user name- that one's a blog of my kids....
Ms. Habit said…
your booknook is like a dream come true. lovely. And your dress is stunning. I have an identical one in purple that I live in during summer months :)
Cel said…
It's still deep winter here in February, so I'm just spending a lot of time indoors hiding from the cold. It's Winterlude right now though, so walking on the frozen Rideau Canal and enjoying ice sculptures is a few things happening lately.
i love this dress. very, very much. i am so envious of your lazy afternoon reading outside. i miss being able to spread out with books and magazines and notebooks. my baby eats paper, so none of that for me these days. you look lovely.
Teenysparkles said…
Gueesssss what!!!! i had that dress favourited for ages and then it SOLD - you Etsy minx! And it looks adorable on you, so much better than it would have on me. I'm glad you got it! i'm also glad that some goodness is happening around you again, and you're enjoying some peace and tranquility. As always, much care your way.
Monica said…
the print on your dress is lovely.

i was a little concerned seeing a bonfire going and then you mentioning gathering tarot, journal, books, etc, together. !!!!

not related i found... phew
That is just a darling little dress and so bright and happy!
Sailor Purrs said…
Such a lovely little post. I love your dress, and you're prettyfulness! And, is that tortie yours!? Love my tortoiseshell cats! xxoo

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