Calm Between Storms

i love storms.
all winter i wait for them, both literally and metaphorically. in between the big fun stuff i have been lazing around waiting for storms.
i took inspiration for my folksy layers from the ever-ingenious clover.
texture, ruffles, skirts-over-skirts, embroidery, color.
although cozy, i couldn't quite match her cuteness :)
i just borrowed her mixture of verdant green and red and the romanian-peasant-earth-mama vibe.

we've had hail, wind, slush, rain, snow, sunshine, mud, rainbows.
although we weren't buried in snow like the media promised, with pro-snowboarders riding down main street (that was the proposed gimmick apparently) 
we've had a nice medley of weathers, just like february should be.

once again, i am adorned in more gifts.
the scarf round my waist came from sadie, the red dirndl blouse with delicate little buttons came from milla, who also handcrafted the lovely pouch pendant that holds my very special fertility charm from em.

this huge, thick golden cardigan came from missa and lately i've been throwing it on over everything.
it's perfect for these cold days, and it reminds me of a fisherman and even the boys are jealous of it.

on and off the snows came, and we made pizza and the boys played music and later darin and i watched Winter's Bone, which was really really good. i won't say too much because, i don't know about you, but i love not knowing anything about a movie when i first start it, having no idea what to expect.

bobey loved watching the crazy hail rampaging out of the sky while the sun shone. WEIRD i tell you.
it was coming down so hard the house was shaking. and yet the whole western sky was ablaze with bright sunlight.

here is a beautiful quote i meant to post last time:

"Oriol Vall, who works with newborns at a hospital in Barcelona, says that the first human gesture is the embrace. After coming into the world, at the beginning of their days, babies wave their arms as if seeking someone.

Other doctors, who work with people who have already lived their lives, say that the aged, at the end of their days, die trying to raise their arms.

And that's it, that's all, no matter how hard we strive or how many words we pile on. Everything comes down to this: between two flutterings, with no more explanation, the voyage occurs."

from Eduardo Galeano's Voices of Time

how are your stormy/sunshiney february days?

red blouse: vintage, thrifted and gifted by milla
black embroidered folk vest: thrifted, $3
pouch pendant: made by milla
gypsy scarf sash: giveaway from sadie
vintage red handmade skirt: thrifted, $3
underskirt: thrifted years ago
jeans: levi's from 2003
golden cardigan: gifted from missa
vintage green and red apron: thrifted, $1.50
argyle socks: ?


i love that you used clover as your inspiration! everytime missa posts an outfit of hers i always think, now THERE is a style icon! the weather here has been nuts!
(thank you for the follow AND the wonderful comment!!)
I love your blog, its so beautiful!! I would love for my wardrobe to look like yours!
And, I think you should know - your cat is gorgeous! Looks just like mine, who loves watching the weather out of the window too... I wonder what they think about?
Thanks you again! Jessie.
Milla said…
Like peas in a pod, you two ;) Or girls in a vest...
You look darling gypsy mama, and I have an extra special appreciation for the location now...
Wish I could have been there for the Winter's Bone showing, it's such an awesome film, but instead we might just watch Epic Dust tonight (C's sick)
Love love love
Miss Claire said…
Clover is quite the style icon! I love her Gretel obsession. You look equally gorgeous. Beautiful vest and cardigan!

Here in Australia I am tired of the heat and want Autumn to hurry up and arrive!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

Xx Claire
no snowboarding down main street? so disappointing ;)

i was so tempted to layer it like clover, too, after seeing that photo! i love all the red and black and embroidery in your outfit.

p.s. kama and i are jonesing to visit your bookstore. and we ended up finding both the gaia girls books for her (she had an amazon gift cert and bought them used...the library doesn't carry them--for shame!).

take care. xo
Missa said…
Hahahaha! I knew before I even finished the sentence who inspired your outfit! You are so rad Heather. I'm gonna show this to Clover tomorrow. Seriously, the kid needs her own blog at this point.

Clover's version was actually inspired by a character too. It was Babushka Baba Yaga from the kid's book by Patricia Palacco, check it out:

I love that the boys were jealous of your sweater. I fell in love with that cardi myself when I found it, but it just didn't fit me right at all and I'm so glad that it is absolutely perfect on you!
ruby said…
Love your look, especially the skirt pattern, I love twirly girly skirts and make myself dizzy spinning in them, much to the horror of my boys!
forestlass said…
When I saw your first picture, I was all dkjfiopwlkjdf, because you are just that luminously languorously lovely. And duh, only alliteration could accurately convey that ;) That quote gave me chills because just the other day, I was thinking about the importance of touch to humans and how it has become something of a taboo. People can be so freaky about their personal space, which is strange because we're social creatures who thrive on physical contact. I kind of love how folks in this country are; touching is normal. If someone thinks I'm cute (they love my accent...), they pat my cheek or squeeze my hand. It's kind of nice and conveys real social acceptance. Anyway, enough rambling :) I'll just add that you are a true queen of layering!
Milla said…
Baba Yaga, only my favorite witch, of course. I love you gypsy woman.
Nicky said…
hehe, love your layering and love even more that it was inspired by lil' clover who at a tender age totally rocks her unique style- what a doll?!!!!

Weather's been wacky here too. I think my favorite skies ever are the ones that are BLACK with the sun shining through anyway and lighting up the trees in a crazy way!
whit said…
Heather, you are soo cute! I love all your clothes:)
Missa said…
I was just showing this outfit to Clover and she said: "Please mama can I dress up as Heather?" So I was like ok, we'll have to find an apron and then she says "No, her other outfit with the blue dress and a bag and a little camera."

It took me a minute to realize that she was remembering the outfit you were wearing when she fist met you! So I scrolled down to the photo in Nicole's shop and she was like "Yeah, that one!"

My kid is like a style Rainman, I tell you!
holy shite missa!!! i almost fell out of my chair laughing with astounded delight! her little brain is perfectly wired for fashion detail. CRAZY! i can't believe she remembered the "bag and little camera"...hilarious. i'm dying. cutest thing i've heard all week. i love your nonchalant reaction at first, like sigh...guess we'll have to find you an apron...and then she just plunges right on and blows you away with her sartorially photographic memory, dang! adorable. thanks for that.
anne said…
i knew before reading that you were channeling a little clover style! so rad! the outfit is adorable and the sweater missa gave you is perfect. mustard is my absolute favorite color and it looks amazing on you.

your couch is the raddest! again, my favorite color scheme. and that quilt laying over the top looks super cute.
juste venteux said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I just found your blog today and read back a bunch of pages. Always so exciting to find a new and awesome blog!!
Teenysparkles said…
Your yellow mustard cardigan...if only one was to turn up in my local thrift shops. Man, we are about to exchange seasons, in a big way I'm sure. We are chilly in the mornings now...but muggy in the afternoons. Autumn is surely upon us here at the bottom of the world.

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