Wildflower Walk

darin and i took our books and baskets and blankets and headed down the winding road to lotus for a walk through green rolling hills of oak and lupine down to the south fork of the american river.
feels like home, but everytime i go i notice something new.

darin brought along his camera with his cool lenses and took all these photos.
right now most of the wildflowers are tiny and petite, still growing, sloughing off the cold and frost and edging up pretty thin little arms.
when you look close it is a delicate fairy world, every slim blossom a wisp of maiden off to a ball at the palace of the earth.

here's a new one i discovered:
bufallo eyes,
five spot,
nemuphila maculata
it's not edible, unfortunately. what i really want to do is to forage and learn wildcrafting, but for now i'm still practicing identification.

california poppies are edible but don't get excited, i read that they don't really get you high!

down by the creek that leads to the river, standing on a logjam of tangled twig and vine.
i imagine a family of beaver gnawing their cozy home underneath.

down by the river, a lone scotch broom bush afire with yellow like sun on water.

wild hyacinth and something dainty and feathery white i want to call fairies' doilies.

pocket full o' parsley

the river, still high and swirling along the shores, catching up stone and shrub and leaf and bone in a mad rumble to the ocean. her mother the ocean.
by the river everything is huge and eternal and you are part of the rushing scramble like survival made tangible. 

up on the hills it's quiet valley oaks, wooden fences, lush proud fields sporting the bounty of spring.

and me, on what darin called my "earthen throne" finishing up annie dillard's The Maytrees (thanks missa) wherein every line is poetry. with its questions of love and loyalty, courage, sand, wind and barefeet. a shack, an oil lamp, and a place where parties include adults and children, ping pong, singing, boat rides, noise, whist.
the kind of book that steals you away into a land, and makes you cry a little to leave it.

happy mayday friends.
happy books and wildflowers. 
help me welcome the grandest may the world has ever known, or at least most dearly cherished. 


Heather said…
Loved that book! Lovely choice for a wildflower walk.
Kerry said…
whoa! love the pictures. very dreamy.
PS, I was just in Coloma today. So loved it.
mo said…
ah, the topic of flowers, my favorite! I too, have been noticing all the beautiful wildflowers growing here in the valley. We have so many on our land too. I'm gonna take a flower essence course this summer in Nevada city. You should check it out. I have a friend who took it and said it was amazing.
Happy May day to you Heather!
mo said…
ps. I love that pocket full of parsley!! all the pics are so beautiful. What kind of camera do you guys have? Gus and I need to get a new one.
Milla said…
Oh love, my wild-crafting forever-drifting Heather, who's name itself is a blossom. I'm so, so happy that you're doing this, such an empowering thing, and feel like you are enabling me too to do this, the complicated business of the Linnean system.

I'm re-reading the Maytrees and love it, such happiness to ring in this month.

All my love to you, and thank you for sharing this little walk here on earth and taking me with you.
Amy Beatty said…
What a beautiful refreshing day. A walk shared between lovers and nature. I can feel that fresh air cleaning out my dusty head. I love all those photos. What a perfect may day.
Nicky said…
Looks like a lovely afternoon! :D
Missa said…
"Before, I was Nell and the forest was trees and flowers and bushes. Now the forest is toyon, manzanita, wax myrtle, big leafed maple, California buckeye, bay, gooseberry, flowering current, rhododendron, wild ginger, wood rose, red thistle, and I am just a human, another creature in its midst."

Oh Heather, I am LOVING Into the Forest SO MUCH! Thank YOU.

I can't imagine a more perfect location for finishing up The Maytrees than right there on your earthen throne :)
Cel said…
I actually picked up The Living by Annie Dillard because of Milla, and I plan on reading more too. I haven't started on it yet (still working on 2 other books first!) but I'm excited the more I hear about how wonderful her words are to read.
Violet Folklore said…
Awww I love you on your earthen throne :-)

And I love that lens! And wild parsley!? Score!

You know what I like doing? Putting a single poppy petal on my tongue. it's like silk and velvet. And, in the right moments, when the sun is shining and I am relaxed and the world is abuzz with life, I swear it imparts just the slightest bit of heightened vibrancy to my senses.

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