Topsy Turvy Toggery - Top 5 Fashion Faves RIGHT NOW

I want to start a new feature of this blog in which I discuss .... quite randomly and off-the-cuff .... sartorial quirks that happen to be pleasing me right now at this very moment in time. Needless to say, these change a lot, just like my pet peeves do (drives Darin nuts). My whims in fashion range in two days from pleated shorts to civil war garb, from cheesy 80s to gauzy romantic, to goth to granny and back again. And trust me, it's never really cool or actually fashionable. just what pleases my decidedly un-classy and thus oft-delighted eye.

Now i'm not necessarily talking about myself. My own stylistic range is not all that wide, (pretty much i only wear frilly dresses) but I appreciate fashion freshness in others. So here I will simply document stuff I'm into seeing people wear, whether or not I'd pull it off myself.

I was inspired by this hilarious post by Astral Boutique Man (Sasha's husband Chris) to take a bit more notice of the male fashion going on around me. Moments after I finished reading it my lil bro Joey walked in to play music with Darin. I was immediately impressed with his choice of togs, which, he explained, he threw on at 5:00 in the morning in the cold and dark, while preparing to go sell baked goods at the Grass Valley Farmers Market.

Here's what he comes up with half asleep. I can dig.

now let's take a look at subtle nuances that make this Topsy Turvy -worthy.

1. red bandana:
joey's recent fashion essential gives every outfit the needed kick in the ass. a jaunty twist if you will. in this case he wore it over his face to fend off the early morning cold at the market at 7 a.m. and had the joy of receiving customer's always-witty comments such as "the bakery bandit!" and so forth. i particularly liked that the bandana was red which clashed so marvelously with his purple outfit.

2. pirate style cut-off pants.
see chris's "river rat." i like to think these make ordinary men feel like pirates or at least fishermen. joey takes it to another level by pairing this look with black sport socks and loafers. and to yet another level altogether by having cut off plum colored polyester slacks. do knickers get any better than this?

3. big rad belt buckles.
silver. handmade. southwestern. vintage. old. rustic. cowboys. need i say more?

4. color.
as they say in the HGTV world...little "pops" of color. i.e. this bright yellow tee peeking out underneath all that plum and purple. side note: no one should ever need this many layers at the end of may dammit.

5. silliness.
the number one rule for Topsy Turvy fashion. hell, maybe that's the number one rule for life. be playful, peeps, and please smile. or...make this face.

friends and loved ones, i thank you for bearing with me through this rawther ridiculous idea of mine.

how bout you? any fashion quirks just killin you lately?

joey's outfit: i'm assuming 100% thrifted, i mean cmon, it's pretty obvs.


Teeny said…
hahahahahahahaha this made me laugh...specially your assumption that his ensemble was 100% thrifted.....being obvs. there is something very Tom Sawyer about all of this; is it the plum cutoffs? Your shop is so charming and I'm sure other peeps would agree with me. Have you ever done a post on your civil-war garb?
Amanda said…
I LOVE IT! I wish I could dress mister like this!!!
Milla said…
Awesome saucesome! I can dig this. Stylish men need our attention. C. would be behind the big belt buckle in a heart beat, and I have long admired Darin's kerchief stylings vicariously. You gotta appreciate a man with such good style as your Joey, it's much much harder of menfolk to dress gooood. My favorite man stylings right now (boy I wish a bandana was included) are: paperboy hats, old man pyjama style shirts, home-made jewellery and big sweaters. And a certain blue native designed tee that a certain someone is wearing a lot these days. Thanks for inspiration and I can't wait for the next instalment.
Cel said…
But ridiculous ideas are often some of the best ones! (or at least, that's how my cream cheese and Nutella toast sandwich turned out, ridiculous but amazing)

I have to admit, I think most men dress horribly. But if it were up to me, most men would be dressed like it was still 1976, wearing bell bottoms and frilly shirts and platforms shoes along with the ladies haha...
Joseph Beatty said…
i am very proud to be the subject of this blog. thank you, heather, for your kind admiration.
AlphaBetsy said…
Separately it seems a hot mess, but altogether it is kind of amazing isn't it? Made me laugh when you were describing it for sure. :)
Anonymous said…
That belt buckle is boss. Actually, the whole outfit is boss and I totally more-than-chuckled while I was reading. You really invoked the silly here.

I'm usually hard pressed to find a guy who thinks he dresses nicely and *doesn't* look like a jerk. Joey seems quite chill and obviously doesn't look like a jerk at all.

My dream is to take a guy shopping and completely get him a wardrobe to my taste. Thus, he'd be dressed in old jeans (possibly ratty), well-worn tees, flannel, chunky knits (some made by me own two hands), a good pair of boots, and of course, a smile.

Also, I never heard togs for clothes before. Learning new words is the coolest. There had better be more chapters of Topsy Turve Toggery, sister-girl! Or else!
anne said…
this was awesome heather!
your bro has some sweet style. i especially love the cut off slacks with the black socks...rad!!!

a man style i'm diggin' at present is lots of big chunky turquoise jewelry.
Bridget said…
I just love your blog so much! It always makes me smile and brightens my day :-)

And I love all of the 70's dresses in your Etsy shop - gonna cave one of these days and buy one!
Nicky said…
I just like that you took note of all this awesomeness and then broke it down piece by piece!!!! My likes change all the time too- it's part of growing :D

I flipped through a magazine recently where the girl was wearing a scarf on her head for most of the shots- I loved it! Don't really have any wonky quirks right now- but enjoyed yours!!!! Happy Wednesday Heather :D
Violet Folklore said…
Looking good Joey!! Keep these posts up Heather :-)

(And yes, Chris's post killed me! That man is non-stop hilarious).
Andrea said…
Haha! I love your fashion musings friend:) I am in the same boat when it comes to ever changing (and often un-cool) fashion inspiration. I don't really think (nor would I like) to have only one style that I wore all the time. Your giving me ideas that involve a post & digging through old photos....

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