Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House We Go

My marmy is getting married today!
Because Grandma Cherie can't make it (it's a very small ceremony and just my siblings and our significant others will be there)
we went to visit her for some last minute wedding girl talk.

You all know Grandma Cherie. So ladylike, pretty, and tidy. Here she is checking out mama's ring and dress. By the way, I am proud to say that I provided the wedding dress. I have had this gorgeous vintage ivory flutter sleeve cotton eyelet dress in my collection for years and I've never worn it. I was just waiting for the special occasion it deserved.
I guess this is it! Can't wait until later today when I get to see my lovely mama wearing it to marry her man. And Jack will be wearing a South American peasant style gauzy shirt he borrowed from Darin.

Grandpa Corry works so hard on their yard. It is like a park, with both flowers and vegetables planted in orderly rows. Cute little Delilah shows me the path...

to this darling chicken coop that Grandpa built!

Here he shows me the hatch where you can retrieve freshly laid eggs.

Grandpa designed this pretty little pond with goldfish and koi and a dainty bridge reminiscent of his boyhood in Holland.
and of course, the flowering dogwood, upon which it had snowed the day before!

Marmy showing me the gingko tree.

Grandma Cherie was so excited and proud to take mom and I out to lunch at TACO BELL.
I haven't been to a Taco Bell since 2002. Grandma just thinks it is so much fun.
She let us order first saying, "you girls order anything you want. My treat."
She is used to cooking a big elaborate lunch at home, so for her, fast food is a real treat and she sees it in a completely different way than most people because it is so rare to her.

We sat in Taco Bell for over an hour, looking over all mom's bridal shower gifts and cards and talking about marriage, men, and women. Grandma told me her six skin and make-up tricks she uses every morning. She is 80 years old and looking fresh-faced so I guess they're working!

or maybe it's this little cutie keeping her young. Grandma's entire day revolves around little Lilah and her needs and routines. Lilah gets a fresh cooked piece of bone with the fat trimmed off twice a day, and one before bed. It's called her "binky."

On the mantle, Grandma and Grandpa have a little dispaly of these Dutch village miniatures: dancers, ice skaters, windmills, shoemakers, treat kiosks. They've collected them on visits and as gifts from Corry's daughter in Holland.

We are picture people, as you can see! Camera nerds. Grandma still uses her old 35 mm that she's had for almost 30 years.

i'm proud to be the next generation of these cheerful, exuberant and loveable ladies!
and now i'm off to share the love this pretty May afternoon.
it's my niece Bella's birthday too, so there a lot of celebrating will be happening today.


Amanda said…
Your Gramma is super sweet!
Kerry said…
How exciting.Two weddings! your family is so beautiful. and your gramma's skin looks fabu. so what are the six secret tips. Cuz I'm lookin' a little wrinkly in dry in these glorious 30's of mine :)
Claire said…
Blessings to you and your sweet Mother. You are such a beautiful line of women <3
ashley said…
Oh glory be! Such a beautiful dress. Where is your Mama gettin' hitched? We just had quite the torrential downpour- hope that didnt effect the wedding!

Seeing three generations of happy-go-lucky gals makes me happy too!

ps- beauty secrets? Let's talk.
Nicky said…
This is so sweet! I love the family visit shots! I was just at my grandparents house and snapping away, they've got a house full of treasures! Congrats to your beautiful Mama!!!! :D
Teeny said…
Cuteness, so much cuteness, all of you. I don't have any grandmothers left...and neither of mine were much like yours at all - kind of distant unfortunately, but yours seem so lovely and connected to you. I love it that your mama and her husband to be are wearing clothes from you and Darin - that is perfect! and that chicken coop is kicka**!!!!
Cel said…
How wonderful that that dress is going to be your mother's wedding dress. Maybe it really was just waiting in your closet for this particular occasion, you never know!

I really love what you're wearing too, blue green swirly nifty goodness.

Now I want a chicken coop!
Milla said…
Happy Happy Day! Grandma Cherie is awesome! I would go to Taco Bell for her anytime. You gonna share any of those secrets with the rest of us. I bet being beautiful on the inside is one trick that makes all you womyn glow. I know it was a happy celebration for your mom and her hubby and all the family!

Bright blessings and lovely light days to the happy couple and all of you!
forestlass said…
You have seriously the most vibrant family, Heather. I think it's so wonderful that you're giving your MOM a wedding dress!! It's like... I don't know. Just very special. Somehow, Grandma Cherie reminds me of my own grandmother. I think it's the loveliness, neatness of her dress, and her hair. Recently, I wrote a story about my Nana and described her hair as a dandelion puff :)

Wishing your beautiful madre so much happiness and love. Actually, that applies to all of you gorgeous folks!
Sailor Purrs said…
You have such a sweet little family. Your Mama is so gorgeous; I can't wait to see her in that dress!
Tina Dawn said…
I hope your family keeps taking photo after photo. Tina
Missa said…
Seriously, grandma cherie treating you ladies to taco bell is the most ADORABLE THING EVER. Your grandpa's coop totally rocks.

Oh my gosh, beautiful smiles are obviously being passed down this gene pool, all you women are radiant!

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