Marmy's Scrapbooks

my momma (who shares our house with us) keeps a cedar chest full of fun treasures of the past.
like her childhood scrapbook.
documenting the awkward junior high years:
i had a little helper as i perused the old albums.
vintage greeting cards are the BEST.
and even childish sentiments seem sweeter in the 50s: "for a fine sister."
up to 9th grade and a semi-goth look that i think is rather fetching on my cute mama.
here she is, crying at her middle school graduation because she was moving from LA back to Vista.
and then....ah ha! she discovered her high school boyfriend, Terry Schmidt and all the world was good.
Marmy with her puppy Peachy in 1967. I want her lace dress. She sewed most of her own clothes.
And here with cousin Joanie from her dad's side.
I only met my grandfather once. He was institutionalized most of his adult life. But he was a brilliant man and devastatingly handsome, and from a wonderful family.
Through the 60s, mom would go visit her cousins from the Spring side of the family, the southwest part of our family that I am so drawn to.
My Nanny (great grandma) with Aunt Mary, and Aunt Helen.
Hispanic goddesses of the desert.
But back to my mom's most pressing teenage issue, her surfer boyfriend Terry, who gave her dates to the prom,
a killer tan....
and then broke her heart when he left for college.

And after nursing a broken heart, it turned out she had a wide variety of young moustachioed Southern Cali men to choose from for dates.
ooh I love that rambunctious purple maxi dress....
Christmas 1973, happy and glowing in another darling homesewn dress...
with my grandparents and grandpa corry's sons (mom's step-brothers, one of whom she briefly dated and looks a little like my Darin and one of whom has a wicked seventies bowl cut)
A cute thing about grandma cherie, who I've written about before, is that she always cries when she opens presents. just one more aspect of her graciousness.
and my great grandmother, the late Vernelle Cooper, who collected antique dolls and other pretty little things and could cozily talk to you all day long.
i like to think the reason my momma was extra happy that christmas is this right here:
she had met my dad in the fall and they would be married in may.
here she is with my uncle on her wedding morning, smiling way too big for the camera like i always do.
recognize grandma cherie's dress?
my wedding dress!
oh how i heart the 70s.
and on to married life fun like bringing the kitten to the beach (?!)
it is dear to me how much they loved their cat.
pops always liked getting ridiculous pics when she wasn't expecting it.
this was in their honeymoon cabin.
and my favorites of the batch, golden sunlight on my folks at Bates Nut Farm, where I ended up spending quite a bit of time in my childhood years later, in Escondido.
this is how i spend my saturday evening, friends.
along with a sore foot and a snuggly kitten and a bowl of popcorn and a cozy husband.
sigh, i am a nostalgic moonlove fool.


Milla said…
Heather these pics are so sweet. How wonderful to get a little insight into whence the beautiful, charming Spring sisters came.

What fine folk you have and what a beautiful family. Thanks for the little peek into your lives.

Big Hug!
Runic Rhyme said…
Grandma Cherie wins my heart!
Amy Beatty said…
That was so fun. I know I have looked at some with your mom before but I want to again. I love all the pictures. Your - our parents are the greatest. Glad I get to claim them too. Also makes me want to scrapbook more.
Heidi Ann said…
What wonderful scrapbooks - I loved every bit of this post! You look a lot like your mom, and you're both beautiful. I was focusing in on details in the photos - loved all the cats - and I want the pair of cat figurines and your mom's purse in that one photo. Also, the Christmas tablecloth. And I love your wedding dress! Looks like it could be a Gunne Sax? A delightful trip down memory lane with your mom - LOVED it!
Violet Folklore said…
So, so, so, so, so, so sweet Heather. I absolutely see that strong Hispanic beauty queen goddess lineage fully realized in you and Adie and your mama.

Grandpa- so handsome.

Your mom's clothes are so special! I would die for the blue one where her eyes are closed. Die.

Your grandma crying while opening presents is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

That smile on your mom is so you!

I cannot believe your wedding dress. And the story and matrilineal love attached to it is just the most beautiful thing.

Sweet darlin' lady, I'm so glad to know ya!
Kelsie Lynn said…
Grandma crying whenever she opens presents? that just warms my heart to the max.

What beautiful pictures ey! she is a stunner. Thanks for sharing. love the story and photo sequence :)
marika said…
These are wonderful! I love the wonderful possibility written on your parents' faces at the beginning of their relationship.

And those are some sophisticated looking middle school graduates! I wish I'd dressed that nicely when I was 14.
Nicky said…
This is SUCH a FANTASTIC post! I love hearing these cute stories, and sitting with a bummed foot, bowl of popcorn and your adorable mitten... sounds ideal. The dress you chose for your wedding is amazing, as were the 70's!!! Thanks for sharing :)
Missa said…
This was such a fun post to read! So many great pics, I absolutely LOVE the black and white one of your mom in the lace dress with the puppy, what an adorable stunner!!! You are most definitely your mother's daughter ;)
Tina Dawn said…
I enjoyed this post so much. Your mom and I are only one month apart in age, so all the clothes and such are so familiar to me! I have a photo of a cousin on my dad's side with me that is almost exactly like hers with her cousin. I love it! It is so great that she put everything into a wonderful scrapbook of her life so you can snuggle and enjoy it, and it is so great that you do enjoy it. Your wedding dress looks very lovely. Thanks to your mom for sharing her scrapbook. Tina
Thanks for all the sweet comments ladies! Tina, that is so cool that you and my mom are only a month apart in age...I always thought it must be a wonderful time to grow up in California. Indeed I come from a wonderful line of women and it is fun to acknowledge that, the whole thing just makes documenting our lives through scrapbooks, photos, journals and even blogs seem a little sweeter and more important!
~Onreeone~ said…
New Follower--and I guess I liked it so much I followed you twice. Well, not really but ya know that webpage cannot be displayed came up so i went back and did it again. I love all your old pictures and your nostalgia.
Teenysparkles said…
Love it that you are so close to your mom...what a gorgeous tale you tell of her. And such such such sweet photos of her with your dad.
the moonchild said…
i absolutely love these pictures. i spent ten minutes looking at every single one of these, and reading all the captions. it's inspired me to now document everything, i'll be rummaging for all the photos i can.



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