beautiful dresses

i finally listed two dresses that are probably my favorite things in my shop, ever.
i've been reluctant to post them because i sort of want to keep them both.
but the need to share them with the world wins in the end!

this first one i named "the most beautiful dress in the world." because it just might be true.
it is one of those super thin cotton indian dresses from the 70s which i have found to be quite rare.
this particular one, though, is incredibly unique. i have never seen one like it before; usually they are more like the boho tent style dress with detail at the yoke.
have any of you ever run across a dress like this?
what i wish is that you could feel in your hands this amazingly soft thin gauzy flowy fabric!
every detail is perfectly from the tiny fluttery capped sleeve to the violet crochet detail at the tiers.
emily twirled and twirled like a garden sprite.
she loved the way the fabric moved in soft waves like water.

the other dress is also plum-violet in hue and ethnic in design, therefore i love it.
i modeled in up in the mountains.
i love the pretty smocking above the bust!
i felt like a merry Oaxacan maiden skipping along the hidden path.

i guess i just fall in love easily with dresses from around the world, do you too?


Heidi Ann said…
Oh, I love that plum-colored embroidered dress!
P.S. If you haven't looked at our blog lately, you might enjoy some of the recent posts my sister Tina has written about Placerville. If you are interested in those only, you can just enter Placerville in the Search box. I'll have to tell her you work at The Bookery!! She loves it there.)
ZombieLace said…
YES I fall in love with dresses like that too but these are especially crushable!! Both gorgeous plum colors but if I weren't leaving in a few days you better believe i'd be snatching up that Oaxacan maid dress :~)
absolutely beautiful dress, and post, and blog! I love it all :) found you via Bellas great feature of you :)

would love for you to check out my blog :)

xx Anika
bellisimama said…
omg. that really is the most beautiful dress in the world. i couldn't part with that one. and you look so beautiful in your shots. those boots are AMAZING and i want them. and they look perfect with that dress. in the last picture of you skipping you could be the long haired twin of one of my best friends. i've got to show her your pictures so she can see.
as usual, a lovely post. <3
Courtney said…
Aw, those dresses are gorgeous! I love the colors and all of the unique little details on each one. I'd have a hard time parting with them too.
Teenysparkles said…
They are so beautiful! I always scour your new shop items but alas I am always too wide in the shoulders/back to fit them. boohoo for me. But yay for someone else!
amanda said…
where in the world do you find such great items!?
Missa said…
What finds, these are some truly fine specimens! That first one is amazing and no, I've never seen one like that, it's beautiful. I love the color of the second one and like you said the smocking and the embroidery is especially delightful. Amazing.

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