1980's Desert Park Ranger

i never wear shorts.
i mean, seriously nearly never. i hike, walk, bike, and go to the river in skirts or sundresses.
that being said, suddenly i have developed a certain weakness for the pleated/high-waisted shorts of my junior high days.
however, this is my first time trying it since then.
i was inspired by milla's post about channeling characters and realized that given the summer heat and my penchant for new-agey 80s clothes lately, the 80's desert park ranger is the look i've been choosing quite often.

you know, the lady ranger who wears practical hot-weather clothes, sensible sandals, and chunky southwestern jewelry to show her true colors.
i wore beads in my hair that i bought from an old navajo family near sedona arizona.
and geared up for our upcoming southwest road trip!
while keeping an eye on the local wildlife:

(still trying to get them to develop a friendship, my beanie is very stand-offish)

and today is even hotter so i've finished up with ranger duties and off to the lake!


Joy Palakkal said…
In Shorts you are looking cute.
Nice Pictures..Lovely Cat..
With All Best Wishes..
Runic Rhyme said…
Weeee I'm about to go for a hike, hope to see you there ranger lady ;]
Amy Beatty said…
Fun outfit. Hope to see you in it come October.
bellisimama said…
omg, you look exactly like my mom's best friend circa 1986. and that is a good thing! you look cute as hell. i shudder to think of myself if the pleated shorts. and i have major hair envy. i'm tugging on my hair trying to make it grow so i can braid it.
Cel said…
I'm the same when it comes to shorts! I rarely wear the things. I recently bought some jean shorts and was wearing them and my mother stood staring at me, then said "I was wondering what looked funny about you, then I realized you weren't wearing a dress or a skirt."

This look definitely suits you though! But you seem to pull off just about every item of clothes ever so...! :D
Heidi Ann said…
Heather, the whole outfit looks cute,
and comfortable
and cool
on you!
Tina Dawn said…
Go for it Ranger Lady!
Missa said…
Love it! Seriously Heather, this is awesome, such perfect character execution. You look wonderfully put together as well as ready for adventure :) I love the little pops of color from the chunky necklace and the Guatemalan belt!

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