bro-down hoe-down outfit pics

we have a new huge amazing thrift store in town.
darin found some overalls and an old-fashioned men's nightshirt.
bam, new favorite outfit.
he wanted to take some outfit pics. first time that's ever happened.
he even sometimes likes to go with the one-shoulder-strap look.
for ultimate casual chic.

p.s. if you like his style, you'd LOVE his filmmaking abilities.
check it out and/or support here.


Heidi Ann said…
Hi Heather - Is that the new Hospice Thrift store you speak of?
oh yes it most certainly is, heidi! i walked out of there with a massive stack of stuff. too much fun!
bellisimama said…
LMAO. he looks great.
Amy Beatty said…
He looks so good and so darn handsome
Milla said…
Cute! I heartily approve the over-alls.
Missa said…
Somebody get this guy a banjo!

Love the overalls and the fact that your man will do outfit photos, that's pretty darn commendable.

Yay for new huge amazing thrift stores too!

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