Sun Drenched River Photo Shoot

Ah the magic of sunlight on water.
And vintage tropical clothes.

I love how Emily is glancing at Ryann here. In my mind's imaginings, Emily and Evan were a ritzy couple vacationing and Ryann was the young vixen nanny who came along for the ride and threw a little drama into the mix.
innocent as a lamb...
the elite lady.
Ryann knows how to do Polynesian dance and this dress was perfect for her sunlit practice.
getting on alright.

and then busting up all at once:

Next up were two 80's one-piece swimsuits that I think are so much more unique and sassy than any bathing suits you see today.

and more pretty summery dresses:
these colors by each other make my heart swell with pleasure, till I grit my teeth a little bit.

photo shoots with these ladies is seriously just too much fun. i want to do it every day for the pure entertainment of it. i don't even think darin and evan minded helping with the reflector (which is quickly becoming my newest obsession, notice all that sparkling light?!).

last but not least, the photographer gets to take a dip!

all these items are listed in my shop; come check it out for full descriptions and more photos.
much love to all you friends out there!


some great shots, and wonderful clothes. off to window shop your shop now.
Heidi Ann said…
I love your riverside photo shoots! So much more interesting than what I do, which is just put the clothes on a dress form!
I need models, I need locations!
Great photos.
Amy Beatty said…
Carl, Bonny and I had so much fun looking at your shop yesterday :)
Tina Dawn said…
Refreshing! We overlook the river at my house but unfortunately it is too steep to go down and take a dip very easily. So I got to do it vicariously through you and your friends. Tina

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