dream house by the river, tubing and margaritas and bbq

our friends rachel and nick are housesitting the most amazing home right on the river.
the owner is an artist who makes these gorgeous mosaic tiles:
the whole home has the most colorful, cozy, light-filled feeling.

with a lovely garden.
but best of all....here is their backyard:
heads right straight to the glorious river!

naturally we gathered up some equipment and headed out to go tubing downriver a-ways.

i couldn't bring my camera for obvious reasons but suffice to say it was pure bliss. i am especially fond of thrillingly bumpy rides through rapids, but even the slower mellow currents of cool waters flowing under the sun were perfectly dreamy.

when we got back, us girls headed over to the coloma club, the roadhouse i've written about before, for margaritas.
it was quiet on a monday afternoon and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.
a fact we took full advantage of, dancing up a storm.
oooh i love my girls.
best of all, RYANN'S BACK! she's my friend who has been working in the virgin isles.
beautiful caribbean goddess!

we ended up joining all our friends back at the house for a bbq, but after a few margaritas i forgot to take pictures and just purely enjoyed myself. it was quite a night.

are you all having some of these perfectly deliciously summery days?


Amy Beatty said…
I wish I could make cool things like that for my house. I think I'm going to try. It would also be a dream come true for matt and I to live on the river. back to crafts... I finally did my craft room yesterday. It took ALL day. But I'm so happy with it. Me and the kids couldn't help but make crafts. But the real reason for the clean up is bonny and her 3 three girls are coming on Friday. We are sooooo excited.
amy, emily and i want to learn to do those mosaic tiles too! we should all have a craft day asap. your craft room sounds like a dream, do a post on it so i can see!
bellisimama said…
mmmmm, river and margaritas. nice!
amanda said…
i am often so jealous of your life as i sit in my hospital office in downtown ATL. Ugh! I wanna come live there and join in all the fun!!!
Missa said…
What a lovely home, and right on the river?! I love the wood ceiling and all the baskets in the kitchen. I'd love to spend an afternoon lounging in that chair swing too!
Teenysparkles said…
i am adoring your summery posts. I hope my summer is half as joyful as yours appears! Friends, beer, creative nooks and dancing.

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