Tuesdays in my Town - Lotus and the American River

Last night for Summer Solstice, my friends and I went to play at a park by the river and then dance at a roadhouse. I was telling them about my "Tuesdays in my Town" feature and they suggested I do this week's on the very place we were hanging out: Lotus!
So Lotus is a little town (hamlet?) neighboring Coloma where gold was first discovered in 1848. These are river towns; the South Fork of the American River runs right through on its wild and sprawling course. And a river place is a very special place. All summerlong, crazy stuff goes on in a river town...it's like a big wild rumpus in the water and the sun. With lots of beer.
Lotus Park (its real name is Heningsen Park) is a big green recreational area along the river just south of the big bridge. It's an easy place to jump in the water, although it is waaaaayyyyy icy cold right now: pure snow run off. Our picnic last night was held on the rolling grass of Lotus Park, and Lesley and the boys played soccer. It got dark quickly so I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few (we were trying on these crazy yellow sunglasses)

But most importantly; the RIVER ITSELF!
Here are some of my favorite old photos of times spent enjoying the river.

Next, another favorite place in Lotus.
Just up the road, the Coloma Club is probably the best roadhouse bar I've ever seen. 
I mean, look at it:

It is totally old-timey, all wooden and rickety and full of displays of old mining tools and hardware.
Plus, all summer long the beer is cold, the jukebox is singing, and the river guides and summer campers come crowding in to make it a lively scene.
hanging out for solstice last night.
 and summers past:

So much goes on in Lotus and I feel lucky to live by such a wonderful section of river. I'll be honest, there are other tucked-away hidden river spots that are much more perfect for swimming holes, but around Lotus you get the total riverry vibe, with campgrounds, kayaks, old busses carrying river rafts, teenagers and dogs and beer, just the whole river crowd.

I haven't even mentioned Marco's, the best little cafe and pub right next to Coloma Club that TOTALLY hits the spot after a day at the river. Maybe I'll save that for another post.

And there you have it folks, the makings for a perfect summer day in my town.


boots said…
god! you have the best shit going on in your area! I love floatin down the river- hopefully i can get down on some of that real soon. and can i just tell you how much im loving the new vintage clothes in your etsy shop, esp the leotard. I wish i wasent saving so hard for the wedding or i would snatch everything up! <3 ya!
Courtney said…
Something about a river just goes hand in hand with beer, doesn't it? Looks like lots of fun and refreshment, as always! Thanks for sharing your lovely river and dance spot.
Marya said…
hooray for my home town! hooray for roadhouses! hooray for summertime!
mooncowboy said…
Ah, i love this area so much too. do any of you guys ever jump the bridge? one of my favorite things.
Teenysparkles said…
Your posts are always so enjoyable! We're river people too over this way, love a good swimming hole in the summer.
Missa said…
This really is all so very very perfect :)
Andrea said…
i want to sleep in those trees on that river :) so lovely! I'm very much a fresh water girl, the river rumpus sounds magical!
Milla said…
Oh what a fun time! I love Tuesdays in your town, let's go to the fair and dancing at the Coloma Club already! The fair post is just my favorite. I think the fair is a lot more fun with a bunch of like-minded souls in tow. We went to our local fair once, but it was just kind of meh. Not so if we had your bunch in tow ;)
anne said…
so rad! i want to come hang out at the river with you! and then go to that awesome saloon, what fun!!!

when we went camping over the weekend we went in the river and icy cold is the perfect description. i went in anyway though :D and after a couple margaritas it didn't seem so bad. hahaha

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