the lovely jackie jeffries made the cutest etsy treasury called "beeutiful" featuring one of my skirts.

my second time being featured in a treasury! woooooo hooooo!

this one is especially magical to my eye and senses because of its honeybee theme.

i don't know if i've ever mentioned before my love and devotion to the haitian goddess Oshun?
well, honey is one of her symbols and offerings and i have always felt drawn to bees, amber, honey, golden liquid sunshine, beekeeping, the color yellow, beehives, bumblebees...
any and all bee-ish things.

so here are some of the beeee-utiful items i'm honored to appear with:

honeybee natural soap, sweet and warm:

"kiss of the honeybee" tiny charm necklace:

bumble bee yellow and brown organza flower stretch headband:

hand embroidered bees on linen coasters:

geometric golden bee organic tee shirt:

mason bee nest box of recycled wood:

and of course my lovely QUEEN BEE skirt, modeled by carolann:

also, if you haven't checked out jackie's blog "the golden hour," (how perfect is that name?) i highly recommend it. she features the most fascinating and detailed vintage historical images and tidbits. take a look at this feature she has right now on storybook houses. so swoonishly delectable and fairytale sweet.

thanks again jackie for making the wonderful creative online world a little more wonderful!


Amy Beatty said…
You and Matt are so alike in your love for bees and honey. I need to check out those fairytale homes, need inspiration for my own.
Teenysparkles said…
What a perfect treasury. Love that little pendant with the bee on lace; and the embroidered linen is so beautiful.
Missa said…
Hey, know what? Even though most people call me Missa, it's actually a nickname for Melissa, the meaning of which happens to be... honeybee!!!

Also, it wasn't until after the fact that I realized how the meaning of my name made it kind of perfect that I named my daughter Clover :)
missa, how perfect is that!? honeybee and her sweet lil' clover. you two should go into beeswax candle-making or some such venture when she's a young lady. i must say, you are both queen bees!
your bee-ish things are lovely like a warm sunny day, just what I was needing!
ZombieLace said…
I also love bees! My dad used to keep honey bees behind our garage when I was a kid and we always had fresh honey. Congrats on the treasury!
Anonymous said…
Awww thank you!

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