june bliss, june swishy tails, junish junish june...

the goddess is alive and magic is afoot!

oh june, june, junebug juniper junella junish! girls, june is my month. i don't care if it's the "traditional" wedding month, i'm so glad that three years ago we got married in june under a full strawberry moon; and that we did everything NOT traditional! and had the happiest lovingest day ever. 
june is the stuff of teacakes and fairies, of forests and waves and shells and surfboards, pelicans, parasols, peaches and pine.

joey, stan, me, jarom, matt at the fair - - oh  - about seven years ago...

oh june. how i love you, how you exist forever strikingly in my soul. how you make me switch to drinking white wine in the early eve by the light of a waning warm sun. how i go to the river with you, in you, by your love, in your glow.
how i dance! how everything is rosy!

grandma georgie in her sweet ass pants, back in the day, waaaayyy back!

friends, as much as i get disillusioned with nature and chaos and gory grotesque life cycles, violence and death. o friends, and there is june...

my cleo, still gone, no sign of her as i cry to the stars...

june to make it all come to life. within three days, death and then life again, blooming and then drooping, and then much more blooming. as sylvia plath would say, "i took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. i am. i am. i am." 

there is a poetry, there is a certainty. somehow everything collides and the moon is brighter than ever and the horse
s run on the plains. beetles clack, lovers kiss, the plains stretch vast and alone, a tree drops a heavy mango in a tropical forest.
and people wage war and people find peace.

june is a good time to fall in love...
westward campers...

and fiddles play.

i got a letter from my friend ryann, you remember...the girl who left for the virgin isles last month. she's a dear dear heart to me, and her words made my heart lift up in song like i-kid-you-not, some old-fashioned religious choir!

look where she's living and working!

not to sound overly sentimental or silly (tho i know i'm prone to!) this is my love song to june. this is how i feel tonight, just before the true birth of summer, just as the time begins when love blossoms with passion and youth and ideas and freedom. cause what else is there? there must be insane ideas, there must be exuberance, there must be rebellion, there must be wild sweet pea blossoms and train rides and wild weeds abundant and there must be roiling swirling rivers forever. there must be secrets, there must be swelling hearts with burden and sorrow, there must be bliss.

if anything splits you wide open today, oh sweet world friends, please tell me. a song, a skip, a stone, a secret? i love love.


Anonymous said…
While I was sitting on the porch knitting last night, I listened to the crickets chirping lazily, and the frogs singing their summer song. Then from out of the dark forest, floated a sound. It was the eerie 'churring' of a nightjar, and I nearly fell over with delight. They're difficult to see, you see, but to hear one is even better.

Nature, while cruel and unfair, is heartbreakingly beautiful, numbingly perfect. We are all but little pulses in the heartbeat of something much larger and better than us; summer time is a time when we can feel our connection to the Wild, feel our blood racing and our hearts beating in tempo with the Earth's.

Ah, and it is also a great time of possibilities for life, and love.

Take care, lovely lady.

p.s. if you want some mind meltingly beautiful music, try Antifogmatic by the Punch Brothers.
Oh congratulations fellow june anniversary friend! I never thought I too would be a june bride but eight years ago I was....june june sweet june...
Cel said…
You are such an amazing person. I feel a little silly because I've never met you, I don't really know you, but I think if I were nearby I'd definitely want to be your friend. You just seem like one of those warm, loving, REAL, true people that this world needs more of... and your post to June just really drives that home for me. :)

I'm absolutely jealous of your friend... good on her!
june is here, and
it's clear
to me,
that things will be good for a while..
how long? i couldn't say,
oh how i wish june would stay,
he's such a handsome fellow that i adore...
if june were a man, he'd be tall and tan,
with a golden curl on his brow..
the son of apollo, the sungod we follow, the flowers sigh to his touch.....
oh kiss me! i'd swoon!
my dusk loving june, the crickets are drunk on the season.....
<3 (and i am falling falling in love.)
Starr Crow said…
while a curse the june sun and bellow about my heated land, i find crumbs that lead to a utopia such as this (aka your blog) filled with words that make my heart melt like whispers from a new love or secrets from a best friend. i think of grandmas secret garden and all the rebellion and beauty of the pesky weeds that have taken over since my childhood. i think of how much has changed since the summers I spent there.. it's a nostalgia that's more valuable than that 20's ivory, crepe dress I've always dreamed of owning.

thank you for this post and thank you for getting my exhausted mind back where it needed to be. Oh and don't laugh at my attempt at poetry?
Missa said…
This magical moment in time...


...was captured by my Dad in June of 1977, I feel pretty fortunate to have it because that flower filled field and picking those daisies is all just a very vague memory to me now. My Dad passed away 7 years ago, so it's also something special to remember him and the way he saw the world of my childhood by as well :)
Amy Beatty said…
DOLLY!!!! That is WAY COOL!!! you need to write more. can't wait to meet your mr june :) xo

Heather. I wish you were having another wedding, it was the best.

"June gloom" who ever wrote that is just doomed. those are my skills for you doll face.

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