it's crazy how fast everything happens and changes....i feel bad that i took off after that last post and embarked on a million fun adventures and haven't been back to tell the stories yet!

i'm in LA right now for my little brother Mikie's play Elevator. after work saturday was the most beautiful trip to a favorite swimming hole at the cosumnes river, then brewfest madness, then the dance party at cozmic...life got real crazy....then i left in the morning for this trip with my parents.

so here i am, at a hotel computer and i'll be back tonight with pictures and details.

oh and i'm soooo not grumpy with darin anymore! i actually miss him like crazy cause he couldn't come on this trip with me. thanks to all you sweet ladies for making me feel normal about it; i love lady communities and reassurance. love to you all!


Missa said…
Oh good, I'm so glad to hear you're not grumpy anymore, and having a ton of fun it seems too! A little envious of your action-packed life over here ;)

Enjoy your trip!
I live in the city and my friends are scattered throughout, even one in the suburbs, some are even overseas. So I don't often have much real time sisterly love.
Blogger is fast becoming my favorite lady community. There are so many sweet and down to earth women that I have found on here.
Kelsie Lynn said…
'love lady communities' haha true that!

Love YOU a lot.

Hope LA was sweet as!

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