Farm Photo Fun..."wandering awed" pt. 2

when we went out to the farm,
after working hard trellising tomatoes, planting pumpkins, rambling around the whole 180 acres, and picking kale and herbs, we finally settled in for a nice beer and an Etsy photo shoot...

for a photo shoot, a farm is full of magical places:
abandoned orchards, old rusty trailers where resident artists once dwelt,
tin sheds, junkyards, broken-down old barns, chicken coops, seasonal ponds...
there are campfire songs to sing,
beautiful places to gaze upon
and old, old stories to dream about.
but most of all, doing a photo shoot on a farm in june with country clothes and your best friends...
is just fun, fun, FUN!

especially when your hub puts on sunglasses and suddenly gets in character:

and carolann says, "i can be tough too..."
and by the way, i love this girl....this farmer for anything and absolutely gorgeous.
farewell beautiful farmland...we'll be back soon.
and don't forget to take a look at the pretty new stuff in my shop!
even more is on the way over the next couple days....

by the way if you are interested in carolann's farming experience, be sure to follow her blog!


Amy Beatty said…
Oh man.. These pictures are so freaking CUTE. I love them all. Darin is a complete and total stud in EVERY photo. You girls are too adorable just hanging out at your trailer. I really love the one of Carolann in the yellow skirt with her back to us. You guys had so much fun in such a lovely place. It all looks so perfect. love it love it love it.
Kaylie said…
I love this!

Also, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is currently in my summer reading pile! (It's piled high...) Right now I'm reading Travels with Charley by John Stienbeck.

Oh my goodness, I want to live on a farm!
What great pictures. I just add your etsy shop to my favorites.
Kelsie Lynn said…
pretty pretty child of nature
Milla said…
I love that picture where she's standing with her hands on her hips, lovely.
oh farm photos, so lovely! i'm so jealous of all the nice places you take pics of! ;)

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