Empresses, Goddesses, Fairies, and Gypsies Come...

I'm so excited about the place I am going to show off for my second installment of "Tuesdays in My Town."

Now, maybe some of you might be blessed to live in rad cities with tons of cute little boutiques and dreamy shops to buy unique trinkets and treasures. Well, for the most part, my small rednecky country town is certainly NOT that place.

And yet we are lucky enough to have the most beautiful enchanted little shop right on our Main Street: EMPRESS. Oh Empress, it's all you baby, you bewitch and bewilder this crazy mountain town.

Come take a peek inside its lusciousness.

marmy and i stopped by the other day to swoon a little.

the owner, Carol, is the most ravishing gypsy bellydancer mama.
she's been making good things happen in our town ever since i was in high school and she and her sister Lisa ran a incense-infused hippie shop called "Sisters' Secrets."
i'm wishing so badly i'd taken a picture of her for you guys but she wasn't there that day. don't worry, i'll introduce her at some point, cause she's kind of a placerville celebrity.
carol has the best knack for romantic displays that i've EVER SEEN.
she blisses out on the sensual and womanly and sexy and moving and fancy-free:
a whole area of the store is devoted to the ethereally feminine and sensuous:

gorgeous gypsy clothes, both new and vintage:
and jewelry!
o, the jewelry!
pirate queen feathered hats:
or 1920s robin hood flowered caps:

oh you will leave feeling like an old timey princess of thieves, a bewitching queen of the underworld.
if you ever come to placerville ring me up and we'll meet at Empress and get gussied up as the ravishing goddesses we are!


AdieSpringB said…
Heather.....this blog is rad! Were you REALLY up at 7:50 am posting it? Could you not sleep? Me neither...it's true, Placerville is SO NOT Nevada City or Sonoma or Carmel....but in a weird 2010 way it's old-school feel is becoming more and more of it's own gem. I think that within the decade people will scour California for the old gems of towns and the treasures within them.. like Shoestrings and Powell's and Poor Red's and Knotty Pines Lanes and even the funky antique stores. BTW. We should do an Etsy shoot out at the old drive-in ruins! Anyhoo.....Thank Carol for infusing the rednecks with a little taste of the Divine!
Courtney said…
What a colorful happy shop. I almost died when I saw the jewelry displays - that's a little piece of heaven right there.
Milla said…
Heather I love Tuesdays in your town, or any days for that matter, I cannot wait to visit you there, something I know is going to happen, for sure. It's only a matter of time.

I'm so so happy you liked your package! I compiled it very lovingly and having loved your package so so much with all it's wondrous goodies, dreamt it would bring you as much happiness. I'm starting a new one as soon as I get Missa's one done. Hug hug hug
Anonymous said…
OMG I want to visit so bad! It looks magical.
Bri said…
Oh my I am itching to get my hands on some of those clothes! That store is quite stunning, I would love to visit one day =)
Amy Beatty said…
I ALWAYS have to at least give it a good walk through every time I'm in town.
anne said…
wow! this place looks marvelous!
and how adorable you look in that last photo! i don't think i ever realized you had freckles, love 'em :D

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