birthdays, farmers markets, and the WAGON TRAIN PARADE

it was a down-home-country-fun weekend!
Friday night was our friend eric's birthday picnic at my favorite local winery, Boeger just up the hill.

here's birthday boy eric on the right, with our very own wine-expert friend tim wright.
ashley, who is eric's girlfriend or shall i say "life partner," works at Boeger and was busily running around accomodating everyone all eve. here she is taking a break against good old jorden.
they have this friday evening event called "sunset sippin"
and some friends of ours, tony windle and scott reams, played with this duo called
"the tony windle situation."
a name i find hilarious, especially when you hear the music. i'll admit i'm not really used to this little genre known as "smooth jazz," and all i can say is...
 these guys know how to grooooove.
it was a family sort of affair, with little kids running around and playing all over the place.
i love the pond!
they had the historic old cellar from the 1800s open for pouring.
i wore an outfit i consider to be just a teensy bit "dress up," by which i mean a short ruffled skirt and lacy tank top, and high heel sandals. in my favorite color of course.
the ruffles on this skirt seriously slay me. you might be able to see them better if you click on this photo below. i just got the skirt at eco thrift and this was my first time sporting it out and about; have to admit it felt downright flirty!
i didn't get a photo of me sitting on it, but my outfit sort of matched becky's picnicking quilt.

it was a grand night, and we ended it at another birthday party for another friend where we got real true homemade vanilla ice cream!

okay, now onward to saturday.
spent the morning at the farmer's market with marmy.
where we stocked up on cherries, our fave.

and fresh baked bread...
and relished the fact that our town has its baskets of flowers up for the summer, along with art banners.

in case you're wondering if i was a bit dressed up for a reason, i was indeed!

back in the 1840s-50s, when gold was discovered right here in our little county, good old Highway 50 became known as the Roaring Road, with wagon trains pouring in over the mountain.

Every year since 1951, a group of historians and reenactors have staged a Wagon Train revival from Zephyr Cove up near Tahoe, and all the way down the mountain ending in Placerville. Mine own true love and hometown.

these dudes are badass...

but the ladies had my favorite outfits:
so a lot of the festivities take place in the parking lot of a big shopping center, kinda lame location, but cool stuff nonetheless. like this rad family style native american band.
old-timey stuff for sale in booths:

check out this dude's wicked rad steampunk spectacles: (i've always wanted to say wicked. do i pull it off?)
cool stuff from the old west on display everywhere:
the next guy sang songs and told stories for over an hour to just darin and i. we got our own personal show. he showed us his gold, told us all about the ladies who would come to perform for the miners, showed us how to gold pan, and sang us his song called "moon pie."
i think darin looked pretty good too.
we could never get a good picture of us together (weird shadows) but i'll throw this in just to show my outfit.
the heat (thank god it's finally here!) ruined my chances to wear some of my heavier western style stuff, but i got to sport the sunbonnet at least!

yeah, country fun! don't you just love events that merit dressing up a little crazy?!


Looks fun. What a gorgeous day for a farmer's market.
Courtney said…
You live in such a lovely area. It's always so fun to read about your adventures. I'm glad you had such a fun weekend!
ZombieLace said…
omg that wagon train parade looks like FUNNN!! You look super cute in both your outfits. And I don't think I've seen anyone else pull off a bonnet!
Leora said…
OMG Fun! That girl in the first two pictures, wearing the hat, is adorable. I want her gear.
yes, isn't she so cute leora!? she is becky from velvet leaf, so naturally she always has amazing style!
Amy Beatty said…
You look so cute in your little outfit!! Looked like a heather perfect weekend.
Caroline said…
You look seriously amazing in that last photo! I love that outfit to pieces. And am so pleased that you dressed up for a parade. So cool.

Also, I have to say I'm a really big fan of that dress shown in the first photo with the cut out back. Serious dress lust goin' on here.
Marya said…
yay! i love it! placerville summer has finally arrived! (i'm living vicariously here- paris is grey and raining and the pigeons are relentlessly at my window - i need to escape to the countryside soon!)
Milla said…
yes! To dressing up a little crazy, gosh your weekend looks so lovely and sweet I just wish I could transport myself to there. It also makes me realize that I did not really think of the weather out in California when I sent my package. I better get another one going then ;)
Missa said…
You are rockin' that bonnet my dear! This looks like such a super fun down home style weekend!

Also, in response to recent inquiries, I did used to surf, but I haven't since I got pregnant with Clover. I own a board though and probably will again one day. I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to going out in bigger waves though. It can be scary, especially up along our part of the coast, but it can also be incredibly fun and exhilarating! I have a feeling you would probably love it.

Oh, and no, unfortunately I didn't get to see Anne's husband's show. I would have loved to but It's really hard for me to go out night's especially out of town because Clover still nurses to sleep at night, ugh, I WILL get my freedom back one day, mark my words! ;)
Violet Folklore said…
HEATHER! I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again... CAN WE PLEASE HANG OUT!?

The Wagon Train Parade passed by about 1/4 mile from the house I grew up in in South Lake Tahoe. My sis and i loved watching it, and I love that you got all dressed up to do the same thing! It's like seeing you and Adie at Apple Hill, I feel so connected to you because we grew up so near to each other and had these same experiences :-)
Heidi Ann said…
Hi! I found your blog through Missa's at Thrift Candy, and I am just so delighted to find a blog from Placerville! We grew up there, and my sisters are both still over there. I will be back to read more, but I LOVED this post about the Wagon Train, and the Farmer's Market and everything!
Placerville! Yay!!

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